soft design

In June 3, 2010, Japanese intelligence electronics company ( specialized in the manufacture of health management supplies, nursing supplies, long-term welfare ) to be completely bedridden people to bring the gospel, a simple bath" BED BATH" is about to appear on the market in japan.
This collapsible simple bath, material on the use of salinization vinyl, air cushion groove type soft design, lying in bed can directly take a shower. Weight is very light ( about 6KG), even if a woman can carry. When used to make the bed methods will bath spread, and then into the air to make it swell, bath inside there are 24 sides like a shower the same hole, play a massage function, worry about water will blow? No, on both sides of the zipper design closely, do not have water to overflow. In the hot water bath before access, will be placed in the bathtub storage for a period of time, so there would be the danger of scalding. Water only in60 ~80 liters, the bathtub is about 1/3 of the water, but also saves water. From the air is injected into the drainage treatment of this whole process with a PC remote control control can be done very well, is it right?. As for its price, currently 24800yen ( about 1907 yuan), the half a year free of charge to ensure. In Japan the folding simple bath was designated as the elderly patient care commodity, if for certain conditions, purchase can enjoy a variety of preferential.
On the "BED BATH" listed in the background:
As for many years to be completely bedridden elderly increases, nursing work burden is also increasing, especially some nursing personnel aged becomes a big problem,bluetooth keyboard in order to solve the shortage of nursing personnel, ageing, this for the nursing staff, convenient and practical, saving water in space" simple bath" will be listed. I believe the future is not only limited in the home care facilities, will be developed more in the hospital and other places take a shower nursing aspects of equipment.


TV platform

In 1, Google TV ( Google TV )
Google TV platform as a service, both on television can run, can also be in the set-top box runs, including application support. Google TV will allow users to control their DVR, even including the webpage browser. In other words, this concept has the Apple TV is similar, but the only problem is, most consumers cannot tolerate Google TV, and in the Apple TV product, this Google service may immediately in trouble.
2, promote each other Apple products sales
As Apple CEO Tim Cook in a telephone conference pointed out, iPhone intelligent mobile phone helped Apple sold more iPad and Mac equipment. In view of the apple mobile phone and computer products widely welcomed by users, therefore, the Apple TV may also face such an opportunity. Apple's products have a mutual help trend, a kind of products can also drive the other company product sales growth. Once the Apple TV launched, will be on Google and Android equipment sellers to generate hit.
In 3, iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple TV PC remote control
Notably, some rumors that, Apple's iPhone, iPod, iPad and other equipment may become the new Apple TV remote control, therefore, if the user purchased the television, they may also choose to iPhone, instead of Android based system equipment. But if the user has purchased the iPhone, then they are less likely to buy Google TV, because Google TV cannot let iPhone acts as a remote controller, this for Google, of course, is a big problem.


interaction across

Wear high-heeled shoes.
Often wear high-heel shoes for ladies, walking in high-heeled shoes has been unconsciously corrected, even take off shoes, walk along a road to come relatively feel more grace. But, the lady wearing high heels, legs are rarely has fat, slim and beautiful. These are usually wear high-heeled shoes have honed hard. It is hard to wear high-heeled shoes: not only correction posture, maintain the body, but also can be subtracted from the legs fat, prevent leg fat regeneration, and the pure weight loss brought about by the toil and trouble, absolutely no less than high heels. When you realise you should lose weight when I'm afraid, your body has been unable to get a compliment.
Xiao S: high heels stretching leg shape correct posture
Xiao S's classic is wearing short skirt, it can display their own legs, and her way to exercise is often walking. Xiao S thinks, day lying in bed doing some lift waist leg small movement, or often wear the right foot heel walk, to stretch the type and the correct posture.
Wearing high heels stovepipe trick
A. Put on high-heeled shoes, the upper body upright ( pay attention to posture, don't lean forward or backwards ), aspirated or lower abdomen, the gas stop in pleural location.
B. To thigh strength, the thigh gently lift the leg drive forward the pace. Remember that the thigh must lift, it was not heavy tired pace, but simply light.
C. Step landing, remember not to use the heel or toe, to use the" middle part of a foot" is correct. This will not only keep walking on both legs to produce stress relieving,Yunzhi psp is wearing high heels essential manners, let the heel to the displeasure of the ear noise to a minimum.
D. Two interaction across, not necessarily in a straight line, as long as the foot naturally go to. Hands down, relax, natural swing, it seems very generous.
Is a small coup
Thin leg before we first or to do some help to thin leg small coup, do you use to wear high heels to thin leg will have great help oh!
A. Tighten thighs lines
The inner thigh subcutaneous adipose tissue is easily stacked relaxation, and more rugged than the knees and thighs stout, easy cause, lies in the thigh muscle is not developed enough, the subcutaneous fat is too soft causes. Fully exercise the thigh muscles, do more exercise, try to exercise his thigh, then massage, can gradually improve the thick thighs.
B. Improved calf microcirculation
Method 1: fact Xiangshou calf, first check your leg muscles are relaxed or tight. If the muscle ties tight, it's more difficult to thin. So the first subtraction crus plan,windsor health to loose by playing solid fat calves start. Weekdays can sit on the ground, will raise one leg at right angles, with promoting microcirculation, firming slimming slimming products and with his fist against the calf, or to massage the palm of your hand, do 10minutes on each side.
Method 2: before going to bed leg elevation, into a90 degree angle, put on the wall, rest for twenty or thirty minutes and then lay down, will help reduce the blood circulation in the legs, foot edema.
Method 3: when holiday, might as well use the bath salts or accelerate the blood circulation of the plant essential oil in the bath, bubble bath a stovepipe. In order to make the oil effect quickly absorbed by the skin, can take a small dish, pour into5 ml of vegetable base oil, then add two or three drops of essential oils you want, then pour it into the palm, evenly coated in the skin, had better to have a fever and feeling rub, can promote circulation, accelerating the burning fat, eliminate excess fat.


animal companions

Who doesn't love flowers? They are beautiful, full of life force energy, fragrant and always seem to put us in a good mood. They have been used in society for years as expressions of love, celebration, sympathy and thanks. In addition to this, the 'energies' of flowers have been utilized in healing for close to a century in the form of flower essences. These subtle but powerful vibrational energies can help to profoundly heal not only us but our beloved animal companions on a variety of levels.
Flower essences were first developed in England in the 1930's, by researcher and physician Dr. Edward Bach. The 'Bach Flower Remedies' as they are called, were developed originally for humans as a catalyst for personal growth and emotional healing but have also been used safely in animals over the past sixty years. Many other flower essence lines have been developed around the world, since that time, using Bach's methods.
One of the most commonly known Bach Flower Remedies, Rescue Remedy, is a mix of five different flower essences (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem) which together help humans and animals deal with emergency situations and stressful events. Most essence producers have their own version of this remedy which is known to ease stress, distress and tension, and encourage calm, reassurance and relaxation.Yunzhi Essence is a safe alternative to a sedative or tranquilizer and can be used in animals in any emergency or stress situation. The uses are countless.
Simply put, flower essences are the energetic or vibrational frequencies of flowers captured in spring water. These frequencies contain the unique life force energy pattern or imprint of the flower,mother day and when taken internally as an essence, they awaken specific resonant qualities in the animal's soul. Animals in general are much closer to nature and flowers than we are as humans, both physically and figuratively speaking. In natural surroundings animals even have an innate knowing of which plants are essential to heal them, whether by ingesting the plant or just by resting beside it and absorbing its energy frequency. How many of you have seen cats basking in the energy of the alyssum in your flower bed, or witnessed the dandelion anointed crowns of dogs that have been rolling on a summers lawn?
In general, animals respond more profoundly and swiftly to flower essences than humans, due to the fact that they have considerably less complicated emotional and mental energy patterns. Often, the imbalances or dis-eases in their systems are absorbed from the people in the home, the environments that they are living in,office furniture or caused as a result of their failure to thrive in unnatural environments. As the animals are such sensitive energetic beings, they are also prone to suffering the collective injustices that are done to their species as a whole.


current situation

Remote market current situation
As of June 9, 2010, the national triple play ( cable television network, telecommunication network, computer communication network ) policy is decided, in home entertainment, television and the Internet is more and more closely together. Internet TV National hot, more and more young people choose HTPC to DIY their "lucky". More exciting content into the television screen, see high-definition, video search, browse webpage, even the TV directly connected as a computer screen, users find the family entertainment center to concentrate in the living room, prefer lounging around in relaxed, comfortable enjoyment. But, how in the living room control has become the biggest problem, must on the coffee table to place a wireless mouse? The needs of users is often the source for innovation, emerge as the times require air mouse.
W-King, crystal2.4G air mouse is an input device, like a traditional mouse like operating the screen cursor, but does not need to be placed on any plane, in the air and shaking can directly use. Free convenience is its characteristic, for example in field office as a presentation pen, so do the PPT presentation professionals no longer need to sit in on the conference table with the computer, can realize remote control, mouse operation and the page turning function; in home entertainment on television or in the living room with HTPC use, become" lazy tool", the so-called real" into the den, under hall".
Remote controller, a superb collection of beautiful things on the market now uneven, some good and some bad, the price from 20yuan to700 yuan; in700 multivariate2.4G wireless remote control, is really a good stuff, can partition manipulation, but the price is too high, but only for their own media center software, so can only be m HTPC computer fancier 's love;20 multivariate serial PC Remotes control can be less consideration, because the serial port after the new board are not provided, such as really need serial receiver can be their own DIY,
Website with free simple circuit and remote control software with ordinary TV, VCD, DVD remote can use;
In addition to wireless, currently on the market there is a water line of Bluetooth remote controller for computer, a laptop touchpad and73 keys mini keyboard, can completely replace the common mouse and keyboard function, control from a distance of about10meters, can partition
Control, design novel, completely changed the traditional remote control appearance, price in 300 yuan, Bluetooth technology is used in the remote controller, the effect is waiting for HTPC fancier to experience.
Now the remote market with only a few radio and Bluetooth, infrared remote control is the most, mainly because of prices relatively affordable infrared.


capacitive keyboard

True capacitive keyboard is based on the non contact capacitance conducting trigger principle, so that the circuit structure than the film contact type keyboard is much more complex, and the capacitive each key of the keypad is used is a closed structure, the overall cost is much higher than that of open film contact type keyboard. So now, except for a few high-grade special keyboard, actually has no real capacitive keyboard after selling.
The main keyboard in addition to film contact type keyboard, there is another" conductive rubber contact type keyboard", it is only a layer of conductive film,HTPC Keyboard in each key position are not connected with two contact points, and the lower part of rubber spring using conductive rubber to produce, when pressed for time will the two contacts.
Can see, this keyboard theory and calculator key principle is very close. In fact in the early days of personal computers, this design is often in some thin laptop use. Just contact with the thin type keyboard, the service life of the structure is shorter, so now except in some special purpose, have been gradually disappearing.
In the upper right corner of the keyboard, one block and the film together with the circuit board, the circuit board is the keyboard portion of the core, from the conductive film came through the wire guide signal input to the circuit board of the arithmetic chip, the chip will be based on the two surface of the chip through an internal wire number a key arrangement table to find the corresponding keys ASCII code,solar module cell through the interface to output.
The look-up table access key coding mode called" non coding keyboard", there are" coding keyboard", this kind of keyboard ASCII code is directly by each key generated from digital circuits. Compared with non coding keyboard coding keyboard, high cost, heavy difficult to define, so it has very rare. Capacitive keyboard due to its principle of work, mostly coding keyboard, which also proved from another angle is now mainstream keyboard not capacitive keyboard.