Pleated skirt is no longer cute girls exclusive, plain lines, steady grace feel pleated skirt is suitable for office wear pleated skirt, is also very suitable for the pursuit of fashionable white-collar women.
1 exquisite lace + lotus leaf edge with a soft pink lady temperament, be vividly portrayed. Elegant blue chiffon skirt, reflect the beautiful female temperament.

2 clever use of color,poly bag manufacturer
to achieve unified collocation method, very worth learning. Gradient striped pleated with intellectual temperament, becomes the highlight golden sandals.
3 little princess sleeve is very sweet, ripe black chiffon skirt upgrade, let sweet temperament through mature charm from.
The 4 grey butterfly blouse with black and white striped pleated skirt, lively stripes to break the dull grey, very suitable for being worn in the office.

The strong woman wear pleated skirt Miao pleated folds, exquisite production technology, fine variety, some up to a thousand fold above.fashion jewelry
But the skirt body longitudinal straight, transverse elastic, above also embroidered with a riot of colours patterns.
Guizhou Huang area, pleated skirt generally use 16 to 26 m long self fabric dyeing deep purple since narrow homespun. Its production process is: will the homespun cloth and placed in the grass or in dock face, spray water juice of Bletilla striata, is then folded into a consistent width fold. Again after the spraying of Bletilla striata juice, and link it up with cotton, to fix.
This kind of skirt, dress, skirt song by skirting is composed of three parts. The skirt portion of the foot the most beautiful and important.hong kong restaurants
Skirt legs from the bottom by 4 transverse different patterns, the first road " little flower", second for" bird wings flower", the third and the fourth for" Long Hua". The first, two for embroidery pattern, third, four for knitting patterns.
The Miao nationality skirt can be divided into long, medium, short three. Dress and skirt in the foot, knee, knee length skirt. In Leishan Miao female attire such as a skirt,wedding dresses only about 20 cm long, with the pleated skirt Miao has also been known as the" skirt seedlings".


demand expands

The advantages of green food

The green consumer market demand expands ceaselessly. With the economic, social sustainable development thought constantly strengthened, natural, health, environmental protection has become the consumption fashion and mainstream.
Nowadays the development of

Many people believe that green is far away from us, but in fact. In today's society, we advocate a" simple consumption view", it is a kind of advocating green consumption concept, pay attention to environmental protection. The green consumption pattern, in we eat, wear,poly bag manufacturer with, live, as well as to the environment of green consumption in daily life reflects the most incisive:
( a )" today we are what we eat, how to eat" has become a widespread concern. Green food the no pollution, safety, high quality, natural and nutritious food, has become the people's first choice;
( two) and the green consumption prevalent today, our self protection consciousness strengthens gradually, the pure natural,
fashion jewelry
through advanced processing technology of the toxicological testing, non-toxic harmless, beneficial to the body of food by consumers welcome. Green consumption will more deeply into all kinds of consumption.

Visible, green is closely related to us.
" Green food" nowadays is not only consumer chase after is, also the size of hotels to himself, to promote their central words. One time, true and false, the true mingled with the false, lane road is unknown. For the consumers, it is from the country to the head is green food.
Although, the green food has become a fashionable topic, but at least as early as the present, in the food business operators and consumers also exist between errors and blind area.
In fact,hong kong restaurants
the green food of half day after some not relaxin content, if you want to make a definition of green food, it is first:
Food safety. The intermediate cover the purchase channels must be from the mainstream market selection, storage products to use cable card system, the production process strictly zone for raw, cooked, production equipment must be equipped with same value, disable the illegal additive. The kitchen area and customer dining area to maintain health fine standard, than with < food hygiene law the regulations, and the content is on investment based on.
The second is ecological. Surrounded by hair embodiment, wholeheartedly for the guests to create a comfortable environment of the beautiful scenery.wedding dresses To provide visitors with organic food, pollution-free food, and to try various devices to four for guests to design innovation some fancy, raw material quality of goods before, pay attention to the original personality, taste, nutrition, and other details, let the guests taste the real green food, and all this depends on the desire by unexpectedly because of green food knowledge level and prospective, long-term business strategy.
Advocate for green food, not Huaquanxiutui, false article, want to have a genuine and sincere desire to do, be more real gold 's willing to invest. Customers are the best appreciation, reputation in their mouth, if really good green food this old essay, the hotel many profit point, otherwise, will therefore lose faith, the loss of market.


jade bird

The real name called jadeite jade, is the best one of Yu Cai. Emerald English name jadeite, derived from the Spanish plcdode jade abbreviation, be worn at the waist of the gem, in sixteenth Century, people think the jadeite is a kind of can cure lumbago and pain.

L jade in China was originally a bird name. Fei is a red feather birds, jade is a kind of green feathers of birds. Later the word merge, refers to one kind of blue green with brown bird. Jade was used in jade, and specifically to a containing sodium aluminum silicate jadeite, because this kind of jadeite color unevenness, sometimes in light-colored bottoms on accompanied by red and green color, the color like the beautiful jade bird.

Burma jade color due to local customs are different, the subdivision method is slightly different, the people of Burma will be jade is divided into three major categories of 12 grades. China jewelry industry is based on the green, the Burma jade is subdivided into 30 grades, and according to its color tone, can be divided into white, red, green, black, purple 5. Jewels of Beijing O s Z? jade jade as a unique, as tens of thousands of years of Chinese jade culture and the appreciation is not accidental. Hundreds of years ago when this deep in the high mountains and lofty hills in Burma 's natural treasures passes into China, by the emperors and empresses, influential officials love with one stone, micro and become very valuable, jade of the king, which is not only the highest praise to the masterpiece of nature, which also has a more far-reaching cultural origins.

Burma jade in China in the late Qing Dynasty be all the rage the go. The Qing Dynasty government minister Rong Lu said to house a Cui Ling tube, value gold 13000 two. Nineteen thirties medium, Beijing Jade King iron Yu Ting has a pair of bracelets, 40000 silver dollars sold to Du Yuesheng of Shanghai. As a result of Burma jade high hardness, bright, and good jade color is bright and smooth, has a high value and the value of collections, so called" the king of jade, jade, jade pendant" by many people love.

Japan, New Zealand also jade as its" China stone". As a result of jadeite jade produced in adjacent to Burma in China, and most of the finished product processing in China, this kind of special ground predestined relationship, coupled with the Chinese on jade special preference, western countries generally think that jade is China 's" jade".

Although jade from a large number of afferents to the wide application of only three hundred or four hundred years, but because of the people gave their magical love jade cultural connotation, its brief but brilliant history to make other jade envy, and with other jade together form the Chinese nation has a long history of jade culture. The Ming Dynasty, China Burma jade; Qing Dynasty, because the nobility's favorite, known as" the jade", the emerald jade have a sudden rise in social status, be in need.

Jade is closely linked with people's life, in the eyes of the people, it is not only a beautiful stone, beneficial to the body, but also with the mystery of faith and attached. The ancient and modern people are all love, like jade, play jade," a man for no reason, not jade from him". Now has become the world all the children of the Yellow Emperor and South Korea, the most popular of jade, jade pendant jade has become a modern fashion.


plastic materials

Dynamic fashion

Modeling : a new type of high strength plastic materials and high-tech manufacturing techniques enable imagine the shape can be a perfect present. Desk, chair of the same material, the same elements, to highlight its" similar to a base of the goblet" theme. Whether the table, or a single seat, when appearing as a single work of art, and the combination is formed and warm dining space.
Materials and colors: white light to a smooth tabletop, in the shape of prominent can form a mottled high light, showing excellent glossy material.hong kong restaurants
Ergonomic shape also make shadow no sharp corners transition, bright, dark naturally permeate each other. While the material reflective properties and white color will make the light on in between the surface and surface, individual and individual between the refraction, all blend into one harmonious whole. Therefore, although it is monochrome, but not drab.
Dot: Glassware, in white desk is glittering and translucent, showing the nature of glass texture and color, and movement of the desk and chair combination, beautiful and fashionable.
Noble modern

Material: marble desktop with leather seats," organic" and" inorganic"," soft" and" hard" perfect combination. The marble cool, delicate texture of the leather to warm; leather in the angular shape of the shortcomings, with marble trim to compensate. Marble is smooth and leather gloss peculiar not to reveal the noble temperament. The wooden table body and a metal chair legs set of tables and chairs are not to look too heavy.
Color: white marble natural texture, free jumping from gray to black transition through various levels of elements, like the desktop shallow liner with a layer of ink painting. The seat is a single dark brown, leather unique noble texture background. Desktop slightly pale white just to sight, is nestled at the edge of the steady monochrome presses, such collocation can be just perfect. Interspersed with the seat: the same color Yaguang tableware with such as leather general gloss, noble and steady.hong kong stores
A little light-colored ornaments can active the dining environment, play a key role.
Restaurant fire safety problems

We should strictly implement the" design of interior decoration of buildings"

" Design of interior decoration of buildings" to places of public entertainment decoration puts forward some requirements, in the decoration design work must be strictly enforced. Underground structures, interior decoration, should also be performed with reference to. Housed in high-rise civil buildings and the underground civil air defense engineering in public places of entertainment, the fire fighting design should be in accordance with" design of interior decoration of buildings", also should comply with" fire protection design of tall buildings" and" code for fire protection design of underground civil defense project" requirement.
We should strictly control the use of flammable, combustible materials

Restaurant design company in the design of the decoration, in order to reduce the fire load, should try to avoid the use of flammable, combustible decoration materials. Local place ( such as shape ) must be used, should strictly carry out the fire retardant treatment, and its usage restrictions.
Advantageous fire, fire,hong kong clubs convenient for fire fighting

Restaurant design, to fully grasp the construction of the original fire facilities and function, ensure that the original fire system normal operation, ensure the facilities in fire extinguishing effectiveness of play. To ensure personal safety: public places of entertainment are relatively centralized place personnel.
Therefore, decoration design must ensure the personal safety point of view, do well interior design. Safety passage for evacuation and safety exit fire escape path is people, therefore must design a good. Especially for the crowded stadium hall, theater, etc., should do well more.


Eastern Europe

Three global printing market

Global printing market is divided into three parts: the United States, Europe and Asia accounted for the global printing market 1/3. China printing industry total production value in 2006 has jumped to third place in the world.
Global printing market worth $610000000000, North America is occupied 32%, Europe 32%, Asia accounted for 28%, other area accounted for 8%. However, by 2011, the global printing market will" eastward": North America will occupy 28%, Europe will account for 31%, Asia accounted for 30%, other area is occupied 11%, the global printing market total production value will amount to 720000000000 dollar.
European printing market has two opposite trend: Eastern Europe printing market in the next 5 years the growth rate reached 51%, while only 12% of Western europe.

From 2006 to 2011 the world's top 12 charts printing market, China has replaced the German and English become the third largest printing market. However,plastic bag manufacturer
by 2011, India will be shot up from twelfth to eighth. Another significant growth market is Indonesia, in 2011 the total amount will amount to 10000000000 dollar.
Printing technology ( Graphic technology, printing technique ) refers to the visual information printed copy of the entire process, including the pre-press, printing, Postpress and sending. Through the plate making, printing, Postpress bulk copy text, image method.
Printing is a copy operation, in the national standard" terminology of graphic technology", printing is defined : the use of printing or other means will be transferred to the graphic information on a document substrate technology.

Printing technology ( Graphic technology, printing technique ) it is the visual, tactile information printed copy of the entire process, including the pre-press, printing, Postpress and sending. Is a collection; photography, art, technology, chemistry, electronics, computer software, hardware technology, coupled with environmental considerations to the complex and test of super a technology. Through the planning, photography, text processing and graphic design, editing, color printing, India, plate-making, molding processing according to the demand for bulk copy art, text, image technology.
Printing principle

1, text printing technology 2, dot imaging

3, water immiscible


Printing technology is through the plate, printing, Postpress bulk copy text image method. Printing technology printing technology broad interpretation should be: printing technology is the printing process and printing equipment. Printing process and printing equipment two are interdependent,toilet facial paper maunfacturer
promote each other, simply put, the printing process is inseparable from the printing machine; printing machine is also inseparable from the printing process. At all times and in all countries that the printing technology, continuous development.
Printing factory technical personnel, not only proficient in printing process skills, but also should master printing process equipment ( printing press) knowledge; on the contrary, printing machine factory technical personnel, not only proficient in printing equipment printing machine } { design and production skills, but also should master printing process knowledge, both of which combine the better, more refined knowledge of printing technology, the new technology, new product research and development is more advantageous. Therefore, should fully understand the meaning of standard terms.
Printing in China has a long history,hong kong attractions as early as the first year ( 105 years ) Eastern Hanxing paper before Cai Lun invention, the Warring States era stage has been invented in the silk fabrics using negative tattoo stencil printing hole printing operation. Sui Mo Tang, namely the early seventh Century the invention of woodblock printing, in the Northern Song Dynasty, the printing master Sheng using typography ( 1041), in China's printing history to create paper movable type printing in the new era. In the subsequent development of printing in 1000, experienced a gravure printing, lithographic printing process change.


Hotan jade

Hetian jade naming: a cultural and economic struggles

And Tian Yuyuan to our country Xinjiang and cropland area produced tremolite jade, 2003, new" jade jewelry name" national standards ( hereinafter referred to as the" new GB" ) promulgate carry out, provided with tremolite as the main composition of a class called Hotan jade jade Hotan jade, named depends on mineral composition origin, and has nothing to do.
Since the " new GB" since the introduction of" Hetian jade," name should be universal controversy has never stopped, supporters, mainly from the jade industry and economic development point of view, think" new GB" in favor of" Hetian jade" industry development. On the" new GB" dissidents, mainly from the jade culture inheritance and protection point of view, think" new GB" may mislead the jade culture research. This article to describe convenience,pearl jewelry
for the time being more than two views are known as the economic pie, culture school.
Of course, these two kinds of viewpoints of the holder does not agree with this division, they have attempted to illustrate his point of view for Hetian jade industry or the development of Hetian jade culture and heritage, it is useful. Economic School of thought that, Hetian jade in general is not only beneficial to Hotan jade industry development, but also conducive to Hotan jade culture; culture school said, Hetian jade in general not only can mislead the jade culture research, will result in the disorder of the market.
Need to understand the economic pie, Hotan jade industry to develop, does not equal the Hetian jade culture can be protected, and Hetian jade culture is not equal to the jade culture, Chinese jade culture is rich in content, Hetian jade culture is just one of them. Culture school should understand, when naming rules at the time of change, the market appeared temporary chaos is a normal phenomenon, want to strengthen conduct propaganda and management, in the course of time, these problems can be solved.
To be sure, in the last few years, along with the Hetian jade in general, the Hetian jade industry has obtained the big development of hitherto unknown, Qinghai jade region backward economy boosted, improved the well-being of its people, this is" new GB" positive side. A Qinghai mining beauty, because the Qinghai jade identification of Hetian jade, prices rose, income soars,freshwater pearl
originally the children can go to school. As to the backward areas and economic hardship family, economic development is first of all should consider and solve problems.
But in general and Hetian jade is not only an economic problem, because the jade culture in China has a special status, Chinese civilization is the cornerstone. Chinese jade as the world the essence of the crystal, so that the jade has the unusual religious symbolism. It is because of the jade culture special status, in Hotan jade name should fully consider the factors related to.
Moreover, even from a purely economic point of view, things are not as simple as that. In Qinghai, domestic production of jade district economic development at the same time, Russia, South Korea, jade material enters our country in great quantities, with Hetian jade prices, estimated that there will be more and more countries and regions increasing exploration to develop strength, new production and yield is likely to continue to increase, a large number of high-priced foreign jade material in China additional, certainly will consume a large amount of foreign exchange.
In fact, in the present stage of our country, when the cultural protection and economic development conflict, culture tends to make way for the economy,golden south sea pearl there are already too many such cases, such as the typical demolition of ancient building in real estate development ... ...
Hetian jade in general but is also a cultural and economic strength, the result is economical and prevailed. On the relation between culture and economy, culture generally playing supporting or even just a prop, all keen on" culture takes a stand, the economy is strong evidence.". After all, economic concerns the vital interests of the people, they are more power have more power to promote the event to benefit their own direction of development, economy is more directly related to people's livelihood and achievement, more likely to cause management attention.
How do we advance Hetian jade industry development, but also to ensure that the jade culture of integrity, a test of management wisdom. In the formulation of standards, fully listen to the views and suggestions, balanced, can make decision-making more scientific and reasonable.




Wooden furniture: away from heat and air conditioning

Most brands sofa in treated wood, will first moisture treatment. Professional personage introduces, a lot of furniture in the part of the force used wood, other part is high density board, but also to prevent the seasonal expansion and contraction. Even if the summer humidity relative rise, wood also will only slightly inflated, and the nature of these changes did not affect the quality of furniture durability.
However, no matter how strong durability, furniture are all life, as far as possible in order to prolong the time, must learn to protect them. Expert proposal,office furniture
want to keep away from heat or air conditioning furniture, solid wood drawer, door may be due to excessive expansion to open and close, can be in the drawer, door edge and the bottom slide smearing wax or wax.

Cloth sofa: prevent dust left on the fiber.
In summer, due to the sun, great temperature changes, smoking and pets and other factors will cause the original dry and comfortable sofa is tightening, fade, preferably often use cleaner or brush to remove the dust on the sofa, in order to prevent dust or dirt long time left in the fiber.
Leather sofa leather : wash wipe with a rag

The summer should pay attention to the leather sofa in the maintenance, if long time maintain undeserved, can cause fading, old, lose luster, leather sofa and the lack of ductility deformation.
Winter furniture maintenance skills

1, to avoid direct sunlight. Although no violent summer sunshine in winter, but long time sun plus original dry climate, the wood is too dry, easy to crack and local fade.

2 should be regular maintenance. Under normal circumstances, each quarter only fought once wax can, so furniture look shiny and clean surface without dust, easy.

3 to maintain moisture. Wooden furniture moisture can not rely on water to provide, that is to say not just with wet dishcloth simply wipe, but it should be the choice of professional furniture care essential oil, which contains easily wood fiber absorption natural orange oil, which can lock the wood moisture, prevent wood Ganlie deformation, while nourishing wood, from the inside to the outside make wooden furniture replay, prolong the life of furniture.
4 should not be placed in very damp places, lest meet wet wood expansion, a long time easy to rot, also cannot pull open the drawer.
5 avoid scratch hard objects. When cleaning do not touch the furniture cleaning tool. Usually also pay attention, do not let the hard metal products or other sharp object collision furniture, to protect its surface appearance of Yingshang traces and wire hanging phenomenon.
6 to prevent dust. General with mahogany,flower shop
teak, oak, walnut production of high-grade wood furniture have beautiful carved decoration, if not regular cleaning of ash, ash small gaps to affect the appearance, at the same time the dust is made of wooden furniture rapid" old" killer.

Furniture taboo
The window for a bed, be threatened by growing crises

As the living environment problems, many residential windowsill used as bed. This can turn material resources to good account, increase bed width. Although these methods can make full use of the ledge area, but when sleep is not careful, it will break the glass or casualties caused by the tragedy. Especially children beds should not be too close to the window, because they are curious, often be out of things to attract and look out of the window or climbing out of the window frame, will lead to dangerous accidents.
Therefore, children's bed location is preferably placed near a corner. At the same time, the window is not too much or too low, as long as there is no indoor air circulation. The bed is too close to the window, when the window and street too close, sleep like sleep in the streets in general. Encounter thunder lightning or light irradiation, resulting in lack of sleep and psychological fear. In fact, Feng Shui is psychology and environmental studies, as long as the proper environment to meet the auspicious Road, will not be superstitious things.http://www.health-checking.com/stjc.html



Keyboard layout is a key on the keyboard distribution graph or definition. People use keyboard layout by computer software decision. Keys on the keyboard layout of the standard representation of the character. The whole world uses many different keyboard layouts. People usually use layout depending on the country or language.

" QWERTY" keyboard:

The keyboard is very long, as early as in 1714, began to have English, beautiful, law, Italy, Switzerland and other countries of the invention of the various forms of the typewriter, the earliest keyboard that is used in the technology is not mature on a typewriter. Until 1868," the father of American typewriter" -- Christof Larsen, Shaw Ersi ( Christopher Latham Sholes ) won the typewriter model patent and franchise operations, and in a few years later to design modern typewriter utility form and the first standard keyboard, now known as" QWERTY" keyboard.
Why should the keyboard code into this" QWERTY" keyboard layout? This is because initially, typewriter keyboard is arranged in alphabetical order,Production House
and the typewriter is the mechanical structure of the type tool, so if the typing speed is too fast, certain key combinations are easily stuck key problems, so Christof Larsen Shaw Ersi ( Christopher Latham Sholes ) invented the QWERTY keyboard layout, he will be the most several commonly used letters placed in the opposite direction, the maximum typing speed slowed down to avoid the card key. Shaw Ersi in 1868 1873 to apply for a patent, use this layout first commercial typewriter successfully put on the market. This is why today keyboard layout.
QWERTY keyboard layout is very inefficient. For example: most typist right-handed, but using the QWERTY keyboard, left hand burden 57% work.bridgestone
Two little finger and ring finger is no strength left finger, but frequently to use them. In the letter column, its use is occupied only the typing of about 30%, therefore, in order to play a character, often to the up and down moving finger.
The United States in 1888 held typing open competition, court stenographer horse Galindo according to clearly defined fingering division shows his to technology, the error is only 3/10000, so that the presence of surprising, according to records horse called bonus is $500, after this many people follow the blind, in the United States also began to have specially trained typist school.
" DVORAK" keyboard:

Due to technology, the speed of key stroke is sufficient to meet the daily needs, but in 60 years (1934 ), a Washington called dworrak ( Dvorak ) of the right hand can alternately hit more words and invented a new alignment method, this keyboard can shorten the training period of 1 / 2 of the time,MotoGP
the average speed of 35%.

DVORAK keyboard layout principle:
1, try to avoid hitting the left hand and the right hand alternate, one-handed batter;
2, more hitting the key moving average and minimum distance;
In 3, a guide key position is the most commonly used letters.
" MALT" keyboard:

DUORAK keyboard is more reasonable, efficient is Lillian malt ( Lillian Malt ) invented the MALT keyboard. It has changed the original Cross Keys ranks,wireless keyboards and the thumb to get more use, make" the back button" ( Backspace ) and other original away from keyboard center key easier to touch. But MALT keyboard requires special hardware to install on the computer, so it is not used widely.
By the middle of the twentieth Century, the keyboard has a play -- as basic computer input device. On the other hand, up to now," QWERTY" keyboard is still the most used keyboard layout, this is a very typical" inferior products over the advantages of products".

The British Museum curator, typewriter typewriter" century" a book by author Wilfred A Beecher claimed," this so-called ' scientific arrangement ' in order to reduce the moving distance of the finger 's view, is out and out." " The letter of any a kind of random arrangement, all will be better than now this arrangement."


Tang Dynasty

Enough sleep

The reason of Tang Dynasty: a medical scientist Sun Simiao said:" not clear night to early winter, offend Hanwei." Early to bed, in order to raise Yang, Chi Qi to fix the Yin essence. There is a saying: Chunkun autumn lack summer nap, sleep not to wake the winter sa.golden south sea pearl
Chinese pay attention to spring Xia Chang autumn, winter is a season of recuperate and build up energy.
Methods: Winter regimen to ensure adequate sleep, so beneficial to yang-qi hidden, Yin Jin accumulation; after the beginning of winter." Remember living support tibet".

Reason: Winter belongs to" shut Tibet" season, in the Chinese medicine kidney governing reservoir, that is to say winter is the season of nourishing kidney. Winter by tonic, kidneys, can make kidney" refined" more filling, can make the next body better, less disease, which is traditional Chinese medicine treat not ill thought.
Methods: Winter regimen to scientific jinbu. Yang slants weak people, mutton, dog, chicken. Qi double deficit person, goose, duck, chicken and other available.wireless keyboards
Should not eat cold hot, medlar, red jujube, selection of fungus, black sesame, walnut meat. Medicine must be prescribed by a doctor, a law. The tonic, as the stomach a process of adaptation, the best first choice of red dates, peanuts braised beef with brown sugar, also can cook some ginger jujube beef soup, to adjust the function of the spleen and stomach.
The retaining pin

Reason: folk has a saying," cold from the sole life". Because the foot of human body the most distal, fat thin, warm ability is poor, but Chinese medicine foot acupoint and visceral closely, if foot cold can cause colds, abdominal pain, leg pain, dysmenorrhea and other disorders, so pay attention to foot warm cold. Foot health or fitness in winter.
Methods: a day with warm water wash, preferably at the same time massage and stimulate the foot acupoint. Day walk for half an hour or more, movable feet. To rub, sooner or later, to promote blood circulation.

Drink tea
Reason: the winter the benefits of drinking tea tea can be refreshing Xingnao, uplifting, enhance memory. The central nervous excitement, increased exercise capacity. Stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, increase appetite, eliminate bad breath. Production House To eliminate fatigue, promote the new supersedes the old. Tea contains the human body needs a variety of vitamins and trace elements, especially green tea can be anti-cancer anti-cancer, of the body play a good role in health care, long engaged in the rental computer working people should be more often drink tea.
Methods: winter tea to tea for the top grade. Tea warming, can raise the body Yang; black tea is rich in protein and sugar, heat warming abdominal, enhance the body's resistance to the cold, can help digestion, greasy.
Hot porridge

Reason: Winter regimen morning suit thermal congee, dinner to go on a diet, in order to raise. In cold weather, get up early in the morning to drink a bowl of porridge, can help warm cold to increase physical capacity, can prevent a cold catch a cold. For the throat discomfort, inflammation, pain, warm porridge juice moisten throat, effectively alleviate the discomfort.
Methods: glutinous rice porridge jujube, eight-treasure porridge, porridge and other small best. Also can eat tranquilizing mind longan porridge, porridge, chrysanthemum clear fire curing gastric and intestinal carp gruel, Jianpi Yangwei of Poria porridge, Yi Jing Yin sesame porridge, Yin Gujing of walnut porridge, supplementing qi and nourishing yin to the jujube porridge, lungs Ikitsu Tremella porridge and digestion phlegm radish porridge.

Ventilation window
Reason: the winter home usually closed, resulting in indoor air circulation, people always in this space to breathe will lead to produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, lack of oxygen, the body will be dizziness, chest tightness, so more ventilation.
Methods: should every morning, noon and in the evening the ventilation window 20 minutes, maintain indoor air fresh. Experiments show that, every breath again, can remove 60% of indoor air of harmful gases. In addition, must maintain proper indoor temperature, avoid indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, the general indoor should control in 16-22 C for good.


crystal powder

Spiritual function

Powder crystal name quartz, ordinary powder crystal, crystal lotus powder, ice powder crystal powder crystal four types, star. Pink crystal heart round main development, strengthen the heart and lung function of healthy. Can relax the tense mood, relieve dysphoria mood help in your heart, found self improve understanding. Powder crystal exudes gentle and attractive pink light, can help to improve relationships, enhance popularity, business margin, is open for business the best weapon.
Powder crystal powder crystal can increase its gas field in the pink, pink light is Aphrodite ( goddess of love ) shows that the color of love,Red agate
to increase the straight edge, but also effectively without demur. If lovers, you can improve your feelings with the other half, gives you the feeling of happy life; if unfortunately a falling out with the other half, wearing pink crystal jewelry can also help you heal wounds of love, reduce feelings of trouble, then enjoy love, grasp of love. Powder crystal main relationships, enhance popularity.
Place of business or staff and frequent place, equipment powder, can establish good public relations, to promote business margin, and helps to reduce consumer awareness and preparedness, comparison of the heart, can rest assured that boldly purchase, is to open the door of the business service industry the best weapon.
Powder crystal can also be Shu Yuan tense, irritable mood, keep calm. If used for treatment, powder contributes to the region of the heart organ health, heart, lung, promote the circulatory system and respiratory health.
Powder crystal and powder crystal radiate is gentle and attractive pink light, can make the people like myself, so for the office and harmonious relationship is particularly main effect. Whether the customers, supervisors, subordinates and colleagues of powder crystal can bring great support and improvement effect, so that the relationships more rounded, with more free flourishing.red jade
Powder crystal ( Lotus crystal heart ) the main development, to strengthen the heart, pulmonary function of healthy, can relax the tense mood.
Soothing irritable mood, make broad minded!

Powder crystal ( Lotus crystal ) can enhance the individual gas field in the pink light, increased peripheral anisotropic attractive to you, for the feelings of Games special help, is to promote the emotional intimacy love gem, a good marriage!

Wearing skills
1, wearing his left can soften their temperament, wearing the right hand can enhance their own on the outside of the attraction.
2 powder crystal in high temperature easy to fade to white, it is better to avoid solarization method for purification of.
3 collision avoidance, throw knock or extrusion; avoiding high temperature
4 try not to touch the cosmetics, perfume, acid-base material and sulfide; please take take a shower
5 do not wipe clean when you bring into a soft packaging in storage.
Powder crystal rose crystal. Also known as crystal powder. The main is to enrol peach Oh ~ ~ can also liked. General artists with more powder crystal ( Lotus crystal ) can improve interpersonal relationship, put the powder crystal ( Lotus crystal spar in place of business ),powerful symbol help sentiment collection! At the same time, often with contact lotus crystal, can let pink light frequency increase your ruddy complexion complexion, the more skin luster!
Suitable for a female friend to wear bracelets: mm refers to every one of the bead diameter in millimeters, men generally wore 14mm-18mm Bracelet ( men generally choose 14mm bracelet is not wrong; lean body, or do not wish Bracelet too eye-catching men,
also may choose to 12mm; 18mm beads are very large, suitable for the height 1, 75, build is slightly fat man ); women usually wear 14mm-8mm Bracelet ( generally choose 12mm-10mm are not wrong; if too thin optional 10mm or 8mm ) Pendant: if the pendant, shipments are equipped with suitable rope - Zodiac or mascot with red rope; Fashion Pendant with black leather cord.



Blood of amber, amber alias. Amber is the prehistoric fossil pine branches, formed in 40000000 to 60000000 years ago. Amber is the main component of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and a small amount of sulfur, hardness of 2-3, the specific gravity of 1. 05-1. In 10, the melting point of 150 DEG C to - 180 degrees C, n 250 to 375 DEG c.. Amber is a kind of organic substances, can be used to make ornaments, handicrafts and so on. Amber has curative effect, can be used as medicine.
Blood of amber

Amber alias

The amber English name for the Amber, comes from the Latin Ambrum, meaning "the essence of". There is also believed to come from the Arabic Anbar, meaning " glue", because the Spaniards buried Arabia glue and amber is called amber. Ancient Chinese believed that amber is amber"".
The earliest record of the Carboniferous fossil resin, but did not appear until the early Cretaceous amber. The famous amber sedimentary rocks from the Baltic region of Haiti and the Republic of Dominica. Amber is the ancient gymnosperms, resin, but now there is the blossom plant produces gum. Baltic Amber sometimes contains insects or plant residues. Presumably the amber is likely in the original pine trees Pinus succinifera formed in the forest. The Holocene fossil amber half hard resin with different is that they will be dissolved in organic solution.
Amber is the third century conifer resin, the geological effect of buried underground, after a very long geological period,freshwater pearl
the loss of volatile components of resin and cured to form polymeric, amber. It is often accompanied with coal seam. Amber is a hydrocarbon, comprising succinic acid and amber resin, chemical composition of C10H16O, in which the carbon hydrogen oxygen 79%, 10.5%, 10.5%, sometimes also contain a small amount of hydrogen sulfide.
Amber shape pie, reniform, tuberculate, elongated droplets and other irregular shapes. Is an amorphous body. The color yellow, orange, brown, yellow brown or dark red, light green and yellow, lavender species are extremely rare. Greasy luster, transparent to translucent. The refractive index 1.539-1.545, no pleochroism. 23 hardness, density 1.11.16g / cm3. Brittle, no cleavage, with a conchoidal fracture. Amber is organic, heated to 150 DEG C can be softened, 250 degrees C 300 fuses, emit aromatic smell of rosin. Amber is soluble in alcohol. Often contain insects, seeds and other inclusions.
Now the resin is commercial collection, such as Gao Ruisong's hard resin produced in new zealand. BALTIC AMBER JEWELLERY Wu, and hard resin is used for decoration industry. Amber varieties and evaluation. China according to different colors, amber divided the varieties of golden amber, blood amber, amber insect, fragrant amber, amber, amber, the spirit stone flower amber, amber, amber, clear water wax amber, earring, red pine resin, which is a precious quality golden amber amber.
Now the amber value is not high, unless it is antique, exquisite works of art or containing biological body. Amber in insect clarity, color,wireless keyboard
shape and size determines its economic value. Color is concentrated, and no impurities is preferred. In green color and transparent red for the best. The most valuable species are covered with insect amber, commonly known as" possession of amber bee", in order to clear insects, form true to life likeness, individual big, is the best number. Many used to make beads, beads, carvings, cigarette box, health incense.
Amber maintenance. Amber of low melting point, easy to melt, heat intolerance, fear of exposure, the amber products should avoid direct exposure to the sun, should not be placed in high-temperature. Amber dehydration, excessive drying is easy to generate crack. The amber belongs to organic matter, easily soluble in organic solvents, such as nail polish, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, heavy liquid makeup, should not be placed in the cabinet, under normal circumstances, do not use the heavy liquid measuring their density and refractive index of immersion method. Amber is crisp, low hardness, is impacted by external force, should avoid friction, characterizations, prevent scratch, broken.
Amber imitation and recognition. Amber imitation with bakelite, plastic and glass Faux amber. According to the general amber very low density, hardness,golden south sea pearl easy to soften to differentiate. The amber and other imitation together into salt saturated solution, only the amber can float, and bakelite, plastics, glass imitation amber imitation were sunk in saturated brine.
Refractive index 1.66: bakelite, plastic 1.63, were greater than the amber. Needle test with a hot iron, amber from rosin and taste, bakelite, plastic issued pungent flavor. And the most similar is pressed amber amber. Pressed amber is a block of small amber together, at 200 degrees C 250 heating, melting, so that the cooled melt together, having an elongated or flattened bubbles, significant flow structure, under the magnifying glass observation can see cloudy granular structure.
Amber is one of the oldest gem jewelry materials, as precious stones, also has a history of nearly 6000. In Chinese, Greek and Egyptian many tombs have been excavated, all with amber jewelry. Women in ancient Rome, the jewels in the hands of the habit, its reason is in the palm of the hand temperature, amber is heated can emit a light and elegant aroma. The ancient Romans gave amber high value, a small statue of carved amber, a robust than the higher value of the slaves. Amber is able to eliminate the painful town Jing, some local kids to the chest often linked to a string of amber, as Zhen Jing evil.
Amber is often found in coal seam, and the jet accompanying. Fushun amber produced mainly in the early Cenozoic third discipline contains amber in the coal, the European countries bordering the Baltic Amber 's most famous production, such as the United States, India, the other in North America, New Zealand, Burma and other countries have output. China 's Fushun and Henan amber is found in Liaoning Nanyang area, Fushun amber yellow to golden yellow, which often includes insects, clear and beautiful, is extremely precious varieties. Nanyang amber quality is poor, only medicinal and making pressed amber.



Hair is the head and back of the head parts of the hair. In addition to increased beauty hair people, mainly to protect the head. Can prevent summer sun, winter cold. Soft fluffy hair has elasticity, can resist the lighter collision, can also help head sweat evaporation. The average human hair is about 100000 or so. In all the hair, hair length, especially the woman with long hair, some can grow to a length of 90 ~ 100cm, and even 150cm.
Basic introduction

[ hair ]

Pinyin: T: u F,

He with phonetic: maybe."

English: human hair on top of the head; locks; hair

Hair, or a single called, refers to the long in human head hair. Hair color is genetically determined, in general, common black, golden yellow, brown and red, when human aging, usually silver hair.
Only human hair will always grow, so people often barber, and animals do not have this phenomenon. One of the reasons are not clear.

The average human hair is about 100000 or so.
In all the hair, hair length,冬季中暑
especially the woman with long hair, some can grow to a length of 90 ~ 100cm, and even can be up to 200cm.

Under normal circumstances, hair daily growth of about 0.3 mm, 1 mm in 3 days. Sunlight can accelerate the growth of the hair. Each hair of the life span is generally 2 to 4 years, the longest up to 6 years. If 50 consecutive years of a word, can grow to 6 meters of above. Reportedly,新生兒
India has a monk of dean of Academy of history of China and the United States, his hair was long and 7.9 meters, is the world's longest human hair.
Hair in the world, due to racial and regional difference, has dark yellow, red, brown, red brown, yellow, grey, and even green and red. But also through the hair coloring the hair dyed various colors. Scientific research has proven : the color of the hair with the hair contains metal elements related to the different. Brunette containing equal amounts of copper, iron and melanin, when the nickel content increases, will turn gray. Golden hair containing titanium, reddish-brown hair containing molybdenum,小嬰兒
red brown except copper, iron, and cobalt, green hair is contain too much copper. In some African countries, some children 's hair is red, is a serious lack of protein by.
Yellow and black hair for the vast majority of black, and white people have a variety of colors. Hair is a different color, is because the hair melanin within the distribution of the number of melanin granules, induced by different quantity, density, the hair was black, and hair color is light, sunlight will show different color.
Hair is not associated with the epidermis showed a vertical growth, general tilt angle of 40 degrees 50 minutes, and different parts of hair tilt are not in the same direction, namely the formation of what people say" head vortex".

Such as a large number of falling hair, is a kind of morbid, but mostly in systemic diseases, such as had acute infectious diseases, 強生嬰兒like typhoid fever, scarlet fever, or suffering from chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, anemia, diabetes and endocrine disorders, as well as local cutaneous pathologies, such as alopecia areata, seborrheic dermatitis, can be cause hair loss.
Physiological characteristics

The hair from the bottom to the top can be divided into the dermal papilla, hair, hair root and hairy stem four parts. Physical characteristics and function of hair depends mainly on the scalp epidermis following dermal papilla, hair follicles and sebaceous glands.
Hair follicle hair root in the dermis layer of the inner portion, from the hair root sheath, the outer hair root sheath and the wool ball, inner hair root sheath in hair growth period and hair is directly adjacent to the sheath. Inner root sheath is a hard straight, thick keratin of the tube, which determines when the cross section shape of hair growth. Inner sheath lower three layers: HUXLEY, HENLE sheath sheath and the inner root sheath surface. Before the hair keratin, hair root sheath and hair grow together, the sources are follicles underlying reproduction cell.
In close to the epidermis, hair root sheath and the epidermis and hair follicles from.

Hair follicle dermal papilla is the most lower end, connected with the capillaries and nerve endings. In the hair follicles of the bottom, epidermal cells continuously divide and differentiate. The epidermal cell differentiation in different ways, the formation of hair of different components (such as the cortex, cuticle and medulla etc.), the outermost layer of cells in the formation of inner root sheath. In this phase, the cell is soft and terminal keratinization.
Sebaceous gland function is the secretion of sebum, sebum sebum pipe by extrusion, when the hair through the tube when the sebum, away from the sebum pipe extrusion sebum. Sebum for hair to provide natural protection, endow hair gloss and waterproof performance of.
Arrector pili muscle and epidermis is connected very small muscular organ, it depends on the external physiological environment, arrector pili muscle stretch or shrink. Temperature drop or adrenal hormones, the hair pulled up to a higher position, so that the hair turned up.



Don't let the" move" the baby's hair

In winter, not only a lot of adult are cold, not to mention the tender baby. So parents will give the baby to close the body warm, but you know what? You have overlooked a very important place, that's his hair, in the cold winter, the baby's hair is also subjected to freezing test, also very afraid of" cold"! So, mother-infant editorial suggestions, in winter, parents should also pay attention to strengthen the baby hair" warm " the job.
For example, consider the option to purchase properties" moderate" baby shampoo, generally in line with the standard baby shampoo, in the packaging will be labeled red drops" no tears for dispensing" four Chinese characters, the current market there are many infant supplies are no tears formula, such as Johnson baby products baby shampoo, parents consider trying!
Of course, in order to let the baby hair can also warm winter, day care is essential! The following method is worthy of reference for parents!!

Method: to reduce number of baby shampoo

In the winter as far as possible to reduce the number of baby shampoo, shampoo 1 ~ 2 times a week is enough. Shampoo to use gentle not to hurt the skin professional baby shampoo, the editor suggested parents want to consider purchasing such as Johnson baby supplies baby shampoo and other old brand, and after years of market and customer service test the product, these big brands of baby shampoo, mild and not hurt the baby, eyes and skin, apply to all kinds of skin baby.
Method two: gently massage Essential

Baby shampoo, mothers must give him the scalp massage, can promote the blood circulation of scalp hair growth, obtain more resources, make the hair look more black health. Massage can not be used in the nail contacting the scalp, can only use the finger belly from the forehead hair site began in fixed positions, kneading, slowly step by step to the forehead parts after the kneading, then moved to the top, sides, until after the neck.
On some hair long baby, with ribbon,.
elastic beam, don't put the hair bundle too tight, it is unfavorable to the baby hair growth and health. Do not give your baby the best hair, with hair as well, can naturally droop, this can make the natural hair growth. Comb hair is best to use comb distance is wide and the quality of the soft pliable baby special comb.
Method three: sunscreen should be timely

In winter, many parents would take the baby to the outdoors in the sun, but the sun UV content than does the summer sun less, especially the weather is dry, sunny days, direct sunlight baby's hair, make hair more dry, so do not forget to give your baby's hair" sun", should try to open an umbrella or wear sunshade hat, this can not interfere with the baby in the sun, will also reduce the sunlight ultraviolet rays on the hair damage.
Johnson baby supplies baby reminder: carbohydrate intake of excessive, particularly fructose, will cause the forehead bald. So parents must reduce their sugar intake after baby.
Experts say,, shave lanugo hair, shaved head and hair healthy and beautiful there is inevitable connection between. " The child's hair is good, one influenced by genetics, but also has the nutrition, nursing and disease factors."

Head grease thick children need to cut short hair
Lanugo hair shaved hair grow faster, thicker, more dense, this concept is ingrained in older people, which also affected the parents of the younger generation. Kiki's mom is listening to mother said, so please a shave lanugo master home, hard to baby is quite thick hair shaved. It was because of this a shave, a scalp blows hard, causing the skin infection, results in impaired follicles, eventually leaving a small permanent" scar".
" Newborn skin tender, with razor shaved very easily hurt the scalp, once the infection may damage the skin structure, causing irreversible damage." Guangzhou City Chinese medicine hospital pediatric experts say, not every child needs to shave lanugo, unless a thick layer of fat children head, because the head is hard to remove grease plug the pores, easily inflamed, also disadvantageous to the perspiration, usually can spread some peanut oil or vegetable oil dissolving head fat, let it slowly fall off.
If you cut your hair, oil will become a lot easier, but also does not need to shave their heads, only to have your hair cut a point.


ulcer tinea

Attending functions

Detoxification, to rot, insecticidal. Topical treatment of nasal polyposis, eyelid erosion, ulcer tinea.
Usage and dosage

This product is generally made for external use. Internal medicine often match into the corresponding formula in the treatment of wind phlegm infestation, sudden fainting and blood-gas aching disorder, the dosage of 0.5 ~ 1.
Excerpts from" the compilation of Chinese herbal medicine"

Malachite English name is Malachite, from the Greek word Mallache, meaning "green". Malachite due to color like peacock feather spots on a green and beautiful name. The ancient Chinese called Malachite as" green"," green" or" Qing Langgan".Jiangxi province
Malachite is a kind of ancient jade.
Malachite is copper carbonate minerals, chemical composition of Cu2 [CO3 ] ( OH ) 2, CuO71.9%, CO219.9%, H2O8.15%. Monoclinic. Crystal morphology of Chang Chengzhu type or acicular, very rare, usually in the form of cryptocrystalline stalactite, massive, crusty, nodules and fibrillar aggregates. With concentric layered structure radially, fiber. Green, malachite green, dark green. Often there are lines, silky luster or vitreous luster, like transparent to opaque. Refractive index 1.661.91, double refraction rate 0.25, polychromatic colorless - yellow - dark green. 3.54.5 hardness, density 3.544.1g / cm3. Brittle, conchoidal fracture to stagger. In hydrochloric acid react, and easily dissolved.
The difference between malachite and similar jade. Malachite green and peacock to special typical strip for its identification characteristics,minerals symbiosis
is not easily confused with other gems, but with beryl, chrysocolla similarity. The difference is: Turquoise hardness, density, 5-6, 2.6-2.9g / cm3, refractive index, 1.62. Chrysocolla hardness of small, small density, 2-4, 2-2.4g / cm3, 1.57 refractive index.
Malachite varieties and evaluation. Malachite varieties are ordinary malachite, malachite gem stone, opal, green malachite malachite. Malachite gemstone is a very rare malachite crystal. Malachite as ornamental stones, ornamental products, requirements of bright color, pure and uniform, ribbon pattern with clear, block and compact without holes, the bigger the better. Malachite opal asked its background is clear, light. Malachite heart-shaped pendant can be carved, egg shape ring, necklace, can also be made of seal materials.
The maintenance of malachite.DVB T RECEIVER Malachite do gem is not durable, low hardness, not long time keep good luster, can only use the beading and brooch. The Russians the malachite for interior decoration of building materials, Lenin Siegler's Saint Isaacs Cathedral Park column with malachite. Malachite is also used for carving a variety of worship supplies and decorations, fireplace and desktop mosaic.
As early as 4000 years ago, ancient Egyptians mined in Suez and Sinai between mine, using malachite as children's amulet, they think in a child's cradle hang a malachite, all the evil spirits will be deported. In some German regions, people believe that wearing Malachite people can avoid the threat of death. China in thirteenth Century BC, Yin Dai had Malachite Stone Crafts hairpin. Because it has the bright bluish green, make it become the minerals in the most attractive decorative materials.
Malachite from copper sulfide deposit oxidation zone, often with other copper minerals symbiosis ( azurite, chalcocite, copper, copper and other natural ). The world famous origin are Zambia, Australia, Namibia, Russia, Zaire, the United States and other regions. Our main production in Guangdong Yangchun, Hubei Daye and the northwest of Jiangxi province.

Malachite green


various colors

Is the world's most beautiful and most precious stones, 95% of the world's opal manufacturing in australia. Opal 's chemical composition is SiO2 opal nH2O ( silicon molecules and water mixture ). According to the opal embryoid body color display, it can be divided into colorless, white, light gray, dark gray to black. Unlike other gemstones, opal with charming color is based on the random" chameleon game" to show the spectrum of various colors.
Opal is a gel or liquid silica left into the formation fractures and caves in the deposition of solidified into amorphous non crystal gem mine,University topaz.
which also contains the animal and plant residues, such as trees, shells and bones. In the high grade 5 opal in the moisture can be up to 10%. Usually opal refractive index range from 1.38 to 1.60, Mohs hardness range for 5.5-6.5.
In the opal in the forming process of silica solution, like lava flows into the inland stratigraphic gap and empty ore zone of deposition. Deposition occurs in the ground about forty meters deep, approximately every five million years the sediment will add a cm in thickness. After this phase, a period of two million years with climate change sediment began to slowly solidified. Opal is not binding on other sediments, and after a long time before the hard part.
We usually natural opal is divided into two categories:" plait Xiu Si opal" and" common opal". Plait Xiu Si opal bright color, can appear in full color game, relatively rare and valuable. Dark color, can not show the color game called common opal, common opal found worldwide and produced in small quantities.
In the opal mining out of opal in 95% are all common opal, usually only white, gray or black colour. They are only suitable for" de Bolle opal" and" Chui Bo Lai opal" background stone lining. The remaining 5% are some color grade opal,bring beauty
but 95% of them are just ordinary grade. That is to say, only about 0.25% of the mining amount can be called the true value of the opal.
Plait Xiu Si opal was defined as the color game silicon opal. The term " change the game" is used to describe the precious opal is stunning change opal magic color. The Australian production of opal is sometimes referred to as " deposition " gem " because it is the main form and produced in Great Artesian Basin in Mesozoic sedimentary rocks. Plait Xiu Si opal usually contain 6-10% water, at the same time it contains small silicon particles are arranged in a regular pattern. Its Mohs hardness of 5.5-6.5 in general, according to the different proportion of water content in 1.9-2.3.
Silica condensation process, water gradually reduced, gel form a spherical shape, spherical body natural attachment granular silica,jewelry factory the amorphous silicon particle size in the 1500 to 3500 angstrom ( 1 angstrom is 1/100000000 cm.).
The spheres are small, but was full of opal, is extremely regular arrangement. Because they are round ball, from the structure that has a small gap ( like many marble ball is placed in the container after appearing in the interstices between them ), the space is a three-dimensional arrangement. Opal color as a result of these rules are arranged through the voids optical diffraction effect produced by the decomposition of white light. When the silicon is big time, gap will be relatively large, red or orange diffraction light will appear.
If silicon is small, the same gap will be relatively small, blue purple spectrum by diffraction effects are factored out. The color is like rainbow over changes in general, light diffraction effect is strongest is the largest gap size, so the red color change opal opal surface often very bright, blue, the color change is relatively dim.
In conclusion, plait Hughes opal color changes from regular arrays of silicon particles and the gap between the diffraction effect on white. Silicon particle diameter determines the opal color range, small silicon will usually produce a purple blue opal, otherwise there will be precious red. Every gold OPAL according to their quality has a different value, the key determinants are: embryoid body tone, color, color, brightness of the game; pattern, size and shape.

friction heat

Tian jade formation

Lantian jade belongs to metamorphic rock formed by later.

In the Imperial Palace Museum collection of the Han Dynasty jade and Xi'an of Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty unearthed near the large" jade shop first", after identification, they are a kind of serpentinized marble, also known as the Lantian jade, is the origin of Shaanxi Lantian County names.

Since seventy time, geological workers in Lantian County Lantian jade. It is a kind of serpentinized marble. White marble was full of green grass with slippery sense of serpentine, Geological properties
when containing other impurities, also can appear red, yellow, black and other colors. Serpentinized marble of Lantian jade is composed of limestone, carbonate rock, dolomite by water solution, recrystallize into. During metamorphism of magnesian minerals ( such as dolomite ) can be turned into a serpentine.


Metamorphism is defined by Lyell ( 1833) systematically presented. Metamorphism is defined with the crustal formation and development are closely related to a geological process, is in the earth's crust formation and evolution process of the earth, due to the change of internal forces, so that the existing crustal rocks in maintaining the basic state conditions, the original rock of general chemistry remained unchanged, the formation of new mineral composition and structure.

Metamorphism and magmatism sedimentation, there is certain difference and relation. Metamorphism and magmatism are relatively easy to distinguish between,contact metamorphism
the line between them is molten, and deposited into the rock action is an important symbol of mineral assemblages changes, generally with laumontite began to appear as a symbol. Control and effect of metamorphic factors of temperature and pressure.

Temperature effect

Temperature control and influence of metamorphism is one of the important factors. The majority of metamorphism is decreased with increasing temperature and the. The original rock temperatures in some mineral recrystallization, more important is to be able to make a variety of original components reconfigured into new mineral.

To determine the metamorphism occurred in the temperature range, both the initial and final temperature. Does not include the effects of weathering and metamorphism of sedimentary rocks into rocks.

But in the laumontite,jewelry factory glaucophane, lawsonite, paragonite, leaf Lashi and other metamorphic minerals in the first appeared, as the beginning of metamorphism. These minerals occur when the temperature range is in 150 degrees - 250 degrees. This is the metamorphism occurred starting temperature. Because metamorphism does not include raw rock mass of molten rock, end temperature is the original large-scale melting temperature, now identified as of 650 degrees - 100 degrees.

The second is about the causes of temperature changes, mainly has the following several kinds of factors:

Geothermal: rock with burial depth increases, while the temperature gradually increased, but its magnitude is generally small, according to the regional geological environment is different, from every kilometer ten degrees to more than 100 degrees, however its space scope. Geological workers called the change for geothermal increment rate or temperature gradient.

Radioactive element decay heat released: characterized by gross is big, uneven, sometimes very considerable.

Magma activities bring the heat: its strength and magmatic activity related to the scale, sometimes the scope is very small, only contact zone, which is called the contact metamorphism, and sometimes may also affect a region. Stress under the action of friction heat: the more local, such as fault zone.


iron titanium

Positive spinel

As compared with the layered compounds LiCoO and LiNiO, spinel LiMnO to its price and environmental protection advantages as lithium ion battery cathode materials in the most development potential of A. However, spinel LiMnO in the battery charge and discharge cycle capacity loss attributed to organic solution decomposition and Jahn-Teller effect leads to structure damage.

At present people trying to modified spinel LiMnO material component, the material of Mn of the average oxidation state is maintained in slightly less than 3.5, thereby inhibiting Jahn-Teller to reduce distortion of spinel structure damage. A modified method is comprised of some transition metal ions, such as Co, Cr, Ni, Fe and Ti plasma to replace part of the Mn material.pearl jewelry
This paper adopts the traditional solid phase synthesis of spinel LiMnO standard, and electrochemical methods ( constant current charge and discharge, coulomb titration, cyclic voltammetry, AC impedance method ) and XRD, X, SEM were studied, the thermodynamic properties of charge discharge performance and cycle performance and its mechanism.

Preparation with different valence states of several cations ( Ni, Cr, V, Mo ) modified four yuan of spinel LiMMnO intercalation compounds as cathode material of lithium secondary battery two, the Li / LiMMnO cell was investigated by electrochemical and X ray diffraction study. In this paper the research work, not through low temperature sol-gel method was successfully prepared a new 3V spinel material CR modified LiO-yMnO ( y = 4 ) cation defect spinel phase, on the structure and electrochemical properties of made preliminary research. Keywords: lithium manganese spinel, cathode materials, lithium ion battery,down changes
doping, transition metal ions.

Positive spinel cheap, non-toxic, and has large electrochemical capacity, was found to be expensive to replace, toxic LiCoO_2 lithium ion battery anode materials is one of the best candidate. The capacity of the LiMn_2O_4 attenuation problem is to restrict its commercial bottleneck. Ion doping can effectively improve the electrochemical performance of LiMn_2O_4. This article reviews the domestic and foreign lithium ion battery anode material LiMn_2O_4 based on the literature review, with Li_2CO_3 and EMD as main raw materials by solid-phase reaction to prepare the Mg / F doped lithium manganese spinel oxide, and its application in power polymer lithium ion battery ( PLIB ), combined with XRD, SEM and electrochemical performance test means, on the structure, electrochemical properties and the relationship between the two.

Study found that, 750 deg.c 20h prepared with uniform cubic structure and grain size phase error accumulation and is conducive to the conductive agent of acetylene black in the active material particles bridging the microstructure characteristics of spinel lithium manganese oxide. The electrochemical testing results show, Mg doped LiMn_2O_4 spinel has good cycle performance.golden south sea pearls The 0.5C charge-discharge magnification, _ ( LiMn 1.92 ) Mg ( 0.08) O_4 first discharge capacity is about 90mAh / g ( vs.Lj ), a LiMn_2O_4 102mAh / g low, but the cycling performance significantly improved: after 300 cycles, no discernible decay capacity.

Spinel theory (wB%) : MgO 28.2, Al2O3 71.8. Isomorphism is very common. Mg2, Zn2, Mn2 by Fe2 isomorphic substitution, Mg-Fe, Mg-Zn can be formed between complete isomorphous series, the end member minerals are respectively called magnesia spinel MgAl2O4, iron, zinc spinel spinel FeAl2O4 ZnAl2O4. Al3, Cr3, Fe3, V3 often substitute; Al-Cr was a complete isomorphous series, the second end member respectively magnesium spinel MgAl2O4 and MgCr2O4 magnesium chromite.

While the Al3 is Fe3, V3 instead of more limited. Mn class matter like instead of up to 1%; substitution of Ti 0.5%. Magnetite and iron titanium spar is a continuous solid solution, due to 2Fe3 = Ti4 Fe2 instead of formation.