tired eyes

Walk with you

Train a closed the door, to the hometown, how is a kind of melancholy! The platform is always off people, not Han Lei's sentimental" station".

This feels good. Sitting too stuffy pot car knows. Eight years ago I did it once, it is a kind of torture, desperate kind. He, also want to afford the fan in the head is blown onto the taste, and the foul air in the compartment.

Today the car air conditioning is good, open, orderly. There is no confusion. Still, it was just. On the train, the conductor uniform are men, dark skin. Then appeared a compartment. Docking station from time to time in a group of people, I do not know when, next to a woman, a woman in a dress, skin glowing red arm, so, with the fashionable and seem to have a nice bag. The car lights according to every man, woman standing, through lighting, dress in black lingerie faintly visible, standing with the compartment body kept shaking, a pair of children clung to their mother.

Suddenly remember Mr Zhu Ziqing train also enjoy woman. He admired woman is probably the case, a step forward, a header, a bow, a grazing bun as windy willows. Skirt block breeze, the wind, the woman in what place is a scenic. What I want to do is to be good to hear or see the woman. Is it right? Like Mr. Zhu Ziqing said: if the water density. The cigarette lighter!"

Train neighing out of tunnel, then the wheel makes a bang bang sound. The silence, a light in the flash light.

Late at night, opened my tired eyes, women don't know when I have been sitting on the ground, perhaps sit on pins and needles. The land in many human footprints, her head shook down from time to time, seems to be asleep. A pair of children sleeping beside her, on the body of a layer of sheet, she was holding them, a feeling of helplessness. Aisle always be so crowded, even the toilet door land full of people. The loo is hard, don't know where to put the feet, never put foot in place.

The compartment shouts no stop! Watermelon, a bento seller. There are those male conductor on the finishing shelves luggage, quickly.


baby devastated

Russian" baby yoga" video controversial 2 week old baby devastated

According to the British" Daily Mail" reported on February 26th, Russia is a physical education teacher using the minimum only 2 week old infant performing" baby yoga" video, shocked the whole world millions of users. In the video, the woman from the baby scream, hold the baby wrist and ankle somersaulting shocking scenes.

The name" baby yoga" performer named Lena f. Graynor ( Lena Fokina ), who is 51 years old. She" ravage" baby yoga video has been in many sites to be banned, because of concerns about its spread may promote child abuse behavior. Many netizens think, Eph. May use the doll toy show. But, keener said, it is absolutely the real baby, she spent the last 30 years in practice the baby yoga techniques.

Eph. In Egypt has opened a workshop, from Europe, many parents to pay her, ask her in their children perform these actions, although some children only a few months old. Most of the babies are screaming, some even runny nose, vomiting, but not keener said the move on baby good. She said:" these actions are safe for babies, they initially may cry, but then you can enjoy." Eph. Said:" most people think that the baby should only lie on the bed, feeding and crying. But babies have an innate response ability, we can use this ability to develop their physical and mental."

Eph. Says, this" baby yoga" originated in the ancient African tribes, for treating and correcting a muscle or bone problem child, of course, healthy children will also benefit. She said:" this kind of yoga can improve infant muscle capacity, let the children learn to read, sing or swimming earlier, also can let their hands become more powerful." But world each country doctor years ago warning, for infants to implement vigorous and unnatural movements may cause them to cerebral hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage and brain swelling.

equal shares

One, company of all registered capital by equal shares and the issuance of shares to raise capital ( or stock certificate ), the company with all its assets liabilities for the debts of the company with limited liability corporation. Its main features are : the company 's total capital divided into equal to the amount of equity; shareholders in the shares of limited liability companies, companies with total assets of the company debt responsibility; each share is entitled to one vote, the shareholders in the shares they hold, the enjoyment of the rights, obligations. Company limited by shares in essence is a kind of special limited liability company. Due to legal regulations, the shareholders of a limited liability company only below 50, which limits the company 's ability to raise funds. Limited company overcomes this drawback, the entire registered capital of company is decomposed into small par value stock (usually the RMB one yuan, of course, there are exceptions: in 2000, Li Jiacheng had purchased an unknown
Limited liability company brief introduction
Limited company
All capital divided into equal shares, the shareholders to subscribe for shares only the amount, but not to the private property company responsible.
The establishment of the main are: cyclophos phamide to initiate the establishment. That all stock subscription by the sponsors, not to recruit. The recruitment of establishment. That is initiated only shares a part of, the rest to the open recruitment. In different countries, the establishment of limited company have different provisions. Some provisions of the state, only in all of the shares were subscribed, the company was founded. Some of the provisions of national, joint-stock company limited statutory capital system, with all the shares subscribed for the establishment of the condition; limited companies authorized capital system, company formation can not enough to identify all of the shares.
Mainly include : 1 the general meeting of shareholders. It means that all the stockholders mechanism. It is the highest authority of the company and the mechanism. All of the company's major matters by the general meeting of shareholders to make resolutions. General terms of reference are : listen and review board of directors, board of supervisors and the auditor 's report; responsible for directors, supervisors or auditors and the liquidator; determine the company earnings and dividend distribution; a modification or rescission of the transfer or lease business or property as well as the other assets or a business contract; make increase and reduction of capital, change the company's charter, dissolve or merge with company decision-making. The board of directors.

There is more than one reason behind the large number of people interested in company formation in UK. Being politically stable and strategically favorable, it attracts entrepreneurs all across the globe. From small firm owners to big business tycoons, everybody finds the country a hub of easy and profitable business place. So, there is no wonder that they want to start their own company in this land of lucrative commerce.
In fact, the process of Incorporation or business is called Company Formation in the UK. Sometimes it is also referred to as Company Registration. In the UK, companies can be formed by individuals, specialized agents, solicitors or accountants. Though some paperwork is involved in company formation, majority of the companies in the UK are formed electronically.

By more than two directors of collective agency. solar wafert is the company to perform business, represented the company's permanent governing bodies, responsible to the shareholders' meeting. Powers of the board of directors are: on behalf of the company to a variety of business issues opinions expressed or decision, as well as the organization and implementation of these decisions; in addition to the resolution of the shareholders' assembly of things, the company daily business activities of the specific matters, shall be decided by the board of directors. The board of supervisors. The board of directors to perform business activities supervision institution. It is the company's permanent body, by the general meeting of shareholders from shareholders in elective, not by the director or manager.

One can have a company formed even with a package of below £100. Very often the cost of paper work may remain below £20. Though the process of company formation in the UK is rather simple, it involves some documentation. The applicant will need to send some documents, together with the registration fee to the Registrar of Companies.
These documents include a memorandum of association, articles of association, Form 10 and Form 12. The applicant is required to supply some information on all of these documents. There is a little difference if the company formation in the UK is carried out over the Internet. The electronic process differs from the traditional process in the sense that FORM 12 is not relevant there and no requirement for a statuary declaration.
The board of supervisors functions are: to attend meetings of the board of directors, supervisory board activities, regular and at any time to listen to the reports of the board of directors, stop board violated laws and regulations behavior; to investigate the company's business and financial status, access to books and other documents; audit company billing statements and liquidation liquidation list; summon the general meeting of shareholders; on behalf of the company and the directors to the board of directors representations or prosecution.


liability company

Unlimited liability company
Unlimited liability company unlimited liability company
By two or more shareholders, shareholders shall bear unlimited joint and several liability for the debts of the company the company form. Also called the unlimited company. As the most typical personal company. Must be more than two composed of the shareholders, and the shareholders must be natural persons. The shareholders of the company debts of unlimited liability, namely shareholders must to investment property and investment property other than the property as a guarantee of payment of company debts, all of the company's property is insufficient to repay the company's debts, creditors shall have the right to the repayment of part company with his own property settlement,company formation and shareholder's liability is joint, to pay the debts in excess of his should undertake the amount of shareholders, have the right to recover from the other shareholders of the company, the shareholders, this part will become new creditors.
Unlimited liability company is built on mutual trust members based on a few small common form of enterprise, which is characterized in that: organizational procedures are relatively simple, are not required to have a minimum amount of capital; company management stand or fall, directly related to each shareholder property interest; so the shareholders will force management, shareholders are closely related; the company credit is high, competition ability strong. However, the shareholders investment risk, responsibility is heavy, capital is not easy to raise, investment transfer is strictly limited, not conducive to the protection of the interests of investors.
Unlimited company advantages
( 1) unlimited company with partner characteristics, structure is simple, the statutory minimum number of shareholders, the relationship between intimate, a high degree of mutual trust. Does not require a minimum of total capital, not foreign shares company of external relations, simple.
( 2) unlimited company is helpful for money only combined, solar wafer is conducive to more money less intelligent people with less wealth wisdom with others, jointly set up a company, obtain good management effect.
( 3) unlimited company shall bear unlimited joint and several liability, and shareholders can not transfer, therefore, shareholders to operate high enthusiasm, a strong sense of responsibility, mastermind with painstaking effort, to pull together in times of trouble.
( 4) as a result of an unlimited company jointly and severally, unlimited liability, so the company a high degree of credit, the economic interests can be guaranteed.


Movie Stars

1) The Thin Side:

We are influenced by movies, magazines and music -no - we are seduced by movies magazines and music. And we want to be in that world.

But - that world doesn't exist, except on the screen and on the glossy magazine page and in the music studio.

Those people, the movie stars, the magazine models, the Diva singers, don't live in the real world. They don't live in your or my world. That means they don't have to function as you or I function. In fact they find it hard to be 'normal'

Remember a movie star makes his or her money by being stared at by millions of people on giant screens all round the world. Their every skin flaw and blemish shows. They have 'make-up and hair' that takes hours before they can 'appear'. They have trainers and doctors and advisors that exist only to make sure they have no 'flaw" on that screen. And they live in a world where everybody they know or ever meet, is also in that world.

Life in the public eye, where your money is made only when million are staring at you, has a tremendous cost; -to your ego; how you think you should look; and of course - to the concept of a balanced life.

Yes of course they are paid (the top few) handsomely to have their skin stretched flat skin and take the Botox, and starvation diets.

However we are not. That is not our world. We do not need the work outs and diets that make our body's shrink until our heads are the biggest thing on our body. We can be normal.

We are lucky, to be able to have normal lives.

Of course the seduction (in the movies and the magazines) is not an accident it is planned and we are encouraged by everything around us to have that 'look'.

Enjoy the movies and the magazine's - but stay you. Be normal. Be happy with you. And your body - remember that show "How to Look Good Naked"? (The U.K. version) It was a show about teaching women their bodies were fine just as they were, and they could look good, sexy, and attractive, bulges included. It taught a great lesson.

Your body type is probably not the same as Michelle Pfeiffer, slight and small, so don't try and be like her. If you are Caucasian and you have Asian friends you are two different body types don't try to emulate each other


purpose bags

Have you ever heard of the word 'poly bag'? Have you ever wondered what it means? No one else usually knows the definition of this term, so it might be interesting to learn.

Poly is short for 'polyethylene,' a type of heated plastic material used in daily consumer products. What? Where? In the average plastic bag!

These types of bag are ubiquitous, and are popular for several reasons.

* Poly bags are cheap - You can find them for free at any store! Polyethylene is a cheap substance, so it isn't expensive to buy.

* Definitely stand the test of time - These bags don't break so easily, so they will last for a while!

* It's been around for a long time - This substance, polyethylene, was found in 1898. That's a long time ago!

If you are trying to get your hand on some poly bag supplier, there are plenty of resources on the Internet and offline. You can buy these products wholesale and you will be able to save some money!

One problem: these bags aren't so good for nature. The chemical substance doesn't disappear very well. Thus, using these bags may hurt nature a little. I, on the other hand, try to reuse and recycle these bags whenever possible.

Poly bags are great for carrying items in and out of stores. It is a great general purpose material, and poly bags are good general purpose bags.

If you are looking to buy a bag that will last a long time and support the wait of whatever material you are putting inside of it, you definitely should consider a poly bag. It will be very much worth it for you, saving you time and money in the long run.


consumed fat

Eat more lean help you liposuction in 15 kinds of food
Want to lose weight fast girls, always starting from the diet, in fact, some food can be consumed fat. Small make up as we seek to help reduce fat absorption of natural food, let you eat more lean!
1, bamboo shoots
Heat: 19 calories ( 100 grams of edible part )
Bamboo has a low fat, low sugar, edible bamboo fiber characteristics, not only can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, to prevent constipation, indigestion, and the prevention of colorectal cancer. Bamboo shoots containing fat, starch is very low, is a natural low fat, low calorie foods, are obese to lose weight to share.
2, frozen bean curd
Heat: 56 calories ( 100 g )
Bean curd with freezing, can produce a kind of acidic substances, this substance can damage the body fat, can often eat tofu, facilitate fat excretion, in vivo savings fat decreases ceaselessly, achieve the purpose of weight loss. Frozen bean curd with porosity, nutrition is rich, the heat is little wait for a characteristic, does not result in a significant sense of hunger.
In 3, orange peel
Heat: 278 calories ( 100 g )
Tangerine peel containing volatile oil, hesperidin, vitamin B, C and other ingredients, it contains essential oil on gastrointestinal tract with moderate stimulation, can promote the secretion of digestive juice to help digestion, eliminate flatulence, also can reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat.
4, mung bean sprouts
Heat: 18 calories ( 100 g )
There are clear vascular wall in cholesterol and fat accumulation, prevent cardiovascular lesions of rats. Regular consumption of mung bean sprouts can be heat-clearing and detoxifying, diuresis dehumidification, hangover poison toxin. Much addicted to tobacco and alcohol fatty, if eat mung bean sprouts, can rise to clear the stomach, remove toxic heat, clean teeth, and can prevent subcutaneous fat in the form.
5, papaya
Heat: 27 calories ( 100 grams of edible part )
Papain from papaya protease, the fat into fatty acid Papaya contains an enzyme, can digest the protein, is conducive to the human body to digest and absorb food, the Jianpi Xiaoshi gong. At the same time also can treat oedema, beriberi, and ameliorable joint.
6, pineapple
Heat: 41 calories ( 100 grams of edible part )
Pineapple fruit nutrition is rich, contain essential vitamin C, carotene, thiamine, niacin, vitamin. As well as easy for the body to absorb calcium, iron, magnesium and other trace elements. Pineapple juice, rind and stems contain proteases, can help digestion of proteins, can decompose fish, meat, suitable for eating dinner after eating.
7, cucumber
Heat: 15 calories ( 100 grams of edible part )
Cucumber contains vitamin C, vitamin B group and many trace minerals, which contains rich nutrients, eat crisp taste. From the point of view of nutrition, cucumber skin contains the nutrient rich, should be retained. But the prevention of pesticide residues on the human body injury, cucumber should first in salt water soak 15-20 minutes then rinse raw food. Brine pickle when not to pinch to the root, must maintain the cucumber completeness, in order to avoid nutrient in bubble in the process from the section loss. In addition, the cold food should do now is to eat, do not do well after placing a long time, that will also cause the loss of vitamin.


strange rules

Feelings of the world is the most unreasonable, like this strange rules, but there is always the bare facts to prove, who also dare not believe ah!

The break up more love does not know the 11 love 's rules

Premarital spend more, married worse: women spend money initially judge love the standard, men have to get the money as retaliation for the reason for marriage.

Valentine is for lovers" life and death" : Valentine's lovers in the first" Jaws", a lot of prior sweet lovers around Valentine's day.

Listen to mama words daughter high divorce rate: female marital problems chances are greater, parents of the " guidance" is now a young couple marriage killer!

In the years after, truly" love " to each other: stages of love, people are affected by passion, fundamental to objective considerations of lovers, when the passion faded, really may have faded away, and love love love this objective person.

Love pop" lease"

Love pop" lease":" have the Spring Festival home rent lovers"" Valentine's day rent lover", the city of young generation, more and more like" feelings of leasing business", the age of fast food with their dependence, hope with all the most efficient way to solve the problem, including the emotional problem.

" Wife" not cultivate good husband: women always want to be a man's" wife", career and life can help him a helping hand. But psychology is found, the" wife" in the side, a man will become weaker.

The old couple most do not understand each other: when it enters a stable state, both sides are too lazy to go to pay close attention to the other side. The feelings of the peak will gradually decline to a low point, the old couple sometimes as small little husband wife deeper understanding.

One love each other more, betray more quickly

One love each other more, faster" betrayal: visible human nature this base", drive is not trading!

Man" apology" more quickly, really is less: true self-esteem, true man will not be the first time just say "sorry", when a man apologize more easier, women should pay attention to, is it right? He love you less and less.

The break up, more in love: a lot of affection between the sexes, it is parted from the date. Reflect modern environment for the growth of the young men and women into exclusive desire, just want to own, do not want to lose. On the emotional desire more and more strong.

Men on the wife's" close friend" of most interest: men of their often hear, but never get things most interested in. For example, wife 's close friend, every day listening to her, but the woman who the hell is he anyway?


avoid explosion

How to use the microwave oven hot food is healthy

Microwave oven is one of heat leftovers weapon. However, the microwave oven hot meal has many exquisite, did to nutritional and delicious. World cooking competition special gold award winner Han Guoxiao told" life times" reporter, according to different food, microwave food by different methods.

The 1 staple spray some water.

Hot rice if with fire, generally a bowl of rice to 2 - 3 minutes. If in the fire, a lunch box to heat for about 5 minutes. Hot rice must stamp out until soft and delicious, so hot. In addition, hot steamed bread, cake pasta when, it is best to spray some water, heating for 1 - 2 minutes, will not be hard and dry.

2 soups half-way to stir.

Soup heating, often inside the high temperature, the surface is not hot enough. The soup is best not disposable hot in place, so the broth and. But in two heating, stirring, heat faster and more uniform. Note that out very carefully, to avoid scalding.

3 hot vegetables, meat is best with.

General vegetable in fire or fire heating for 2 to 3 minutes, 3 minutes of meat. If it is a frozen food, heating time is slightly longer, 4 to 5 minutes.

The 4 heating potatoes, sausage skin food, you must use the fork or knife prick.

Otherwise, because of the burst pressure, easy to cause electrical damage, personnel scald. Eggs with shell and egg membrane, direct heating heat will burst, whole eggs, it is best to peeling, placed in the water, heat for about 1 minutes, to ensure the safety of the at the same time, also can make eggs to keep fresh. Similarly, also can not be sealed cans of food, into the microwave oven cooking, avoid explosion.

It is a reminder, microwave heating can not be used when the iron container, preferably a good quality porcelain or microwave oven box. In the absence of into the glass turntable and the turntable supports can not be used in microwave oven. If the furnace smoke fire please shut the door, and press the stop button, then unplug the power line, the power on or off the head gate.


provide customers

Plastic shopping bag in the daily lives of consumables, China's annual consumption of a large number of plastic shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags in convenience for consumers at the same time, because of excessive use and inadequate recycling and other reasons, also caused a serious waste of resources and serious environmental pollution. Especially ultra-thin plastic shopping bags easily damaged, most were discarded at will, become the main source of "white pollution". At present, more and more countries and regions have limited plastic shopping bag production, sale, use. In order to implement the scientific outlook on development, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, from the source to take strong measures, and urge enterprises to produce durable, easy recycling of plastic shopping bags, guide, encourage masses to rational use of plastic shopping bags, and promote comprehensive utilization of resources, protection of ecological environment, and further promote the work of energy-saving emission reduction.

The system measures

General Office of the State Council of China recently to the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central People's government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, orgnaization of each directly under issued" restrictions on the production and sale of the use of plastic shopping bags.". The announcement points out, shopping bag has become the main source of "white pollution", the local people's governments, ministries and commissions should prohibit the production, sale, use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags, and will implement the system of paid use of plastic shopping bags. Since June 1, 2008, in all supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and other retail establishments to execute paid use of plastic shopping bags in the system, are not allowed to provide free plastic poly bag supplier.

The domestic supermarket shopping malls actually have a brilliant future, design a new fashion of environmentally friendly package, leading an environmentally-friendly fashion wind.

Implementation method

Government to strengthen management, to implement the ban, and cultivate the public awareness of environmental protection, the research and development of plastic shopping bags can substitute.

Reduce costs for the implementation of environmental protection shopping bag

Want to make environmental protection shopping bag to carry out no longer difficult, should adopt a variety of forms and ways to strengthen propaganda. Not all citizens will specifically focus on media, like the Yu Fenghua of 73 years old old woman listening to field personnel after the presentation was surprised and said:" the original plastic bags so ' poison ', I didn't feel every day ... ... To use less!" Visible, the usual promotional or left corner.

Secondly, should reduce the use cost of" environmental protection bag". For the public, the use of" environmental protection bag" is free of charge, and to the owner, but increased operating costs. For example, owner sold a kg of vegetables, profits may be only 1 cents, with ordinary plastic bags to almost no computational cost, but if the use of biodegradable plastic bags, almost no money. Therefore, reducing the use cost is the key. I think, as in" bag" on print ads, advertising fees to offset the cost of using.

Once again, the reward consumption method of encouraging the use of" environmental protection bag". Might as well set, with " green bag" again when shopping, also can obtain many preferential.

Finally, when necessary, should be developed to limiting the use of disposable plastic bag use mandatory rules of law, legal culture in the public awareness of environmental make plastic bag, in order to eliminate the white pollution.

Outside the box

In developed countries, most of the supermarkets would not provide customers with free plastic bags, many people had to travel abroad experience. But this is not a government form, but a lot of supermarket consciousness for. People shopping is own bag, even someone carrying a big bag to go shopping, filled with a big bag, carrying a backpack bag to walk home, vehicles are not opened, serious environmental model. Some stores even plastic bottled water to charge you more than a few hairs euro, if you finish with empty bottles for you over the bottle fee, the supermarket is the use of this method to better ensure waste recycling.

In 2007 April, the United States of America San Francisco became the first in the world to supermarkets and pharmacies to ban the use of plastic bags in the city, and also the first city to this legislation. Bill, supermarkets and pharmacies can only provide paper bags, bag or corn by-products as raw materials for the production of biodegradable plastic bags. The city of San Francisco using chemical plastic bags each year more than 180000000, if the city's disabled, estimated annual savings of about 1700000 litres of crude oil, reduction of about 1400 tons of garbage.


critical point

Farewell to the fat men black leather jacket with guide

Although now the weather has reached the critical point, but there are many men their, refused to wear thick fat woolen overcoat and a down jacket, only love the classic black leather jacket.

A slim black leather jacket in many minds of men will be plus" classic"," must"," the most worthy of investment" attributive. Good clothes like a friend, can not be met for the meeting, reminder "bosom friend" who may not be on the perfunctory.

1 entangled neck scarf

Olivier Martinez this and bottoming shirt hit color scarf wraps neck, will the bloated leather jacket as a foil to the more mast, will Olivier neck in the visual snap. If you want to wear leather Jia Ke su with a scarf, can choose this thigh coarse wire knitting, fluffy material looks lightsome many.

2 not fitted jacket

Please carefully read the armhole part, at least two times than the upper arm coarse. Perhaps this design can make the arms are very comfortable and free movement, but it does not conform to all Olivier impression of Martinez consistent metrosexual man image. In partial type leather jacket, big can unzip the zipper revealing sweater or sweater, casual feeling.

3 of the same color straight jeans

Black leather jacket in color to have remained conservative, can play space is concentrated in the lower body of the trousers. Want to be decadent artist, outstanding tough texture, with an old washed jeans; want to do yuppie gentleman, with an orange, purple color charge trousers. In any case, put on the trousers in the old trunk. Black leather jacket with black straight jeans, black became a crow.

The 4 old man shoes

Each set of collocations are required to have a window as a set of Look climax, either a bright color, either a out of the ordinary material, either by an awesome accessories ... ... Olivier Martinez can have a look, can not help but sigh: match that set are floating clouds.

Correct demonstration

1.David Beckham

David Beckham often wears a leather jacket is used to the old texture, full of retro charm, pocket Brown Title sewing details and belt colors echo each other at a distance, Yaolian details become active atmosphere of this key, Benitez knows the sail monarch short skills, white sweaters" accidentally" reveal a rich overall Look level. Beige leather shoes also very sense of vicissitudes, and Beckham mature temperament all blend into one harmonious whole.


abdominal pain

The female is always a beautiful landscape, but they are in the special physiological period also need special care. At this time, Chinese herbal medicine can often play a certain role, help a lot.

Angelica, barley for adolescence

Puberty female common problems are irregular menstruation and gynecological disease. Because of the uterus just started to grow, function is not stable.

Plus in the course of learning, mental stress, the living environment changes, there is not the law of life, it is easy to lead to irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhoea grow in quantity.

Angelica menstruation pain, blood blood circulation, research findings, angelica can also promote the secretion of estrogen, reduce vascular resistance, increased circulating blood volume, nutrition skin. Such as qi stagnation and blood stasis dysmenorrhea, menstrual wrong, compatible Cyperus, bupleurum, chuanxiong, promoting qi and Activating Blood Decoction on medicine. Such as the deficiency of Qi and blood, menstrual volume polychromatic light, palpitations, shortness of breath compatible, dangshen, Baizhu, roast Astragalus membranaceus Qi drug decoction. Proprietary Chinese medicines or selection of Guipi pills.

Down by spleen deficiency caused by abnormalities in general. Common off white or yellowish, high viscosity, no odor, and remain unbroken, pale white or yellow, limbs, not temperature, weary feed little. Choice of invigorating the spleen to drug coix seed, Atractylodes, compatibility, Atractylodes, tuckahoe, yam spleen dampness medicine fried with water. Or choose medicine Shenlingbaizhu powder ( tablets, granules ), Wuji Baifeng pills in treatment of.

Postpartum use of Ejiao, motherwort

Postpartum women for childbirth producing a and blood loss, leading to blood deficiency and blood stasis.

Postpartum blood deficiency and multiple manifested as dizziness, fever, stool difficulties, lack of milk, body pain, such as tetany. Gelatin for blood to share, a 15 g available with other supplement qi and blood, blood calming herbs such as dangshen 15 grams, 15 grams, red dates longan meat 20 grams of use. Attention should be added after the solution of gelatin melting by heat taking. Also can choose Lujiao Buxue granules, Ejiao Angelica mixture.

Postpartum blood stasis with abdominal pain, fever, lochiometra. Motherwort is postpartum the best medicine, take 20 grams of 15 grams, plus Salvia miltiorrhiza Angelica 15 grams, 10 grams of decoction of Rhizoma Chuanxiong. Or can choose Chinese Motherwort cream or motherwort particles.

The menopause of puerarin, saffron

Women enter menopause appears to mental and physical exhaustion, irritability and insomnia, dry skin, brown hair, menstrual disorders and other disorders, affect the life and work of. At present,mother's day in the 30-40 years old female white-collar workers, 27% of the people with different levels of early menopause. Therefore, middle-aged women in addition in the diet increase rich in estrogen foods such as soybean, bean, black rice, sweet potato, pine nuts; also available angelica, kudzu root, licorice, saffron and other traditional Chinese medicine soaked in water to drink, or added to the food, can reduce menopausal symptoms, and beauty.

German scientists also showed, angelica can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting the Black Plain generation, can cure freckles, chloasma.

Kudzu is rich in flavonoids, on estrogen has dual regulatory role, has the body, beauty, and so the efficacy of endocrine regulation. Licorice extract with estrogen-like effects, can promote epidermal growth, promote hair melanin effect, can prevent hair dry, white. Saffron has a" female protection of God " in the world, on the climacteric syndrome, menstrual irregularities, insomnia, irritability, has the very good curative effect.

Daily use of about 10 grams angelica, Radix Puerariae and licorice decoction, on behalf of the tea, can improve the symptoms of estrogen decrease. Because of liquorice sweet, and angelica, Radix Puerariae soak in water together drinking, can increase the sweetness. Take a pinch of saffron ( approximately 50 mg) water, day and night to drink a cup of. Can also be used to directly flush take root of kudzu vine powder. In addition, also desirable Angelica 10 grams minced, water simmer, put 100 grams of rice steamed cooked rice, put rice into Angelica water slow boil half an hour to soup rice porridge is a Chinese angelica. Desirable also root 30 grams, 50 grams of rice, rice wash soak one night, and kudzu vine root into the casserole, add water 1000 grams, with simmer to m open porridge thick gruel made pueraria.


blood vessels

Venous blood back to the heart is mediated by vascular, originated from the capillaries, stop at the atrium. Body of the blood in the veins contain more carbon dioxide, scarlet red. In pulmonary vein blood contains more oxygen, bright color. Small vein in the capillaries, in the heart in the process gradually merged into vein, vein, then into the atrium.

The blood back to the heart, blood vessels. Body of the blood in the veins contain more carbon dioxide, scarlet red. In pulmonary vein blood contains more oxygen, bright color.

Vein is the cardiovascular system, blood return to the heart of the guide conveying pipeline.

The initial intravenous in the capillaries in the atrium, termination. Small vein in the capillaries, in the heart in the process gradually merged into vein,varicose veins tips vein, then into the atrium.

Vein wall thin, smooth muscle and elastic fibers are less, lack of contractile and elastic, lumen section relatively flat. Venous blood back to the heart is mediated by vascular, originated from the capillaries, stop at the atrium. Body of the blood in the veins contain more carbon dioxide, scarlet red. In pulmonary vein blood contains more oxygen, bright color. Small vein in the capillaries, in the heart in the process gradually merged into vein, vein, then into the atrium.

Vein wall thin, smooth muscle and elastic fibers are less, lack of contractile and elastic, lumen section relatively flat. Venous capacitance vessels, usually accommodating body 70% of the blood, the superficial veins can be seen in the skin, upper and lower extremity superficial vein is often used to draw blood, intravenous injection, blood transfusion and infusion. Vein wall of venous valve of lower limb vein, especially in more developed, it can prevent the backflow of blood, so that the flow of blood to the heart. But within the peritoneal cavity of large veins, such as portal vein, the superior and inferior vena cava without venous flap, can be due to intra-abdominal pressure affects to the venous blood return.


Capacitance vessels, usually accommodating body 70% of the blood, the superficial veins can be seen in the skin, upper and lower extremity superficial vein is often used to draw blood, intravenous injection, blood transfusion and infusion.

Vein wall of venous valve of lower limb vein, especially in more developed, it can prevent the backflow of blood, so that the flow of blood to the heart. But within the peritoneal cavity of large veins, such as portal vein, the superior and inferior vena cava without venous flap, can be due to intra-abdominal pressure effect of venous blood return.


Systemic veins can be divided into veins of pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation of the vein of two most.

Pulmonary vein left, right to left, respectively, the left inferior pulmonary vein and the right, the right inferior pulmonary vein. These are from the pulmonary vein portal, to professional into the posterior left atrium. Pulmonary venous to arterial blood with high oxygen delivery to the heart. Venous systemic venous volume, long stroke, wide distribution, including superior vena cava system, inferior vena cava system ( including the hepatic portal system ) and cardiac vein system.

Superior vena cava system is the collection of head and neck, upper limb and chest back at the venous blood return to the heart of the pipeline.

Inferior vena cava system is the collection of abdominal, pelvic, lower limb venous blood back to the heart of a series of pipes.

Veins of heart is the heart of the venous blood collection tube.

Portal venous system is mainly a collection of abdominal digestive tract, pancreatic and splenic venous blood into the hepatic vein conduit, into the portal vein in liver, intrahepatic and into the capillary network ( with hepatic artery blood into liver sinusoids ), and then by the hepatic vein inferior vena cava flow back into the heart.


box adopts

Motorola Company is the world's largest manufacturer of digital set-top box. While the second place of the manufacturers, the digital set-top box shipments in less than half of the motorola. Motorola 's market share is expected this year will reach 62%. According to the market survey, 2001 North America digital set-top boxes installed capacity for global Motorola STB 89%, amounts to 27000000, the second, 3500000, Latin America 65000, Asia-Pacific area and only 10000 or so.

However, this situation in 2002 will be a significant change in the Asia Pacific Region -- installed capacity will increase to 210000 units, 4700000 units in Europe, Latin America has 280000 units 5000, 38000000 units in North America; although from look North America percentage still accounts for 88% of global, but to Asia-Pacific area grows rate maximum.

Is expected in 2002, Motorola 's market share will be about 58%, still in the leading position. Motorola based on their own in the digital TV industry experience, according to the DVB market launched a series of reliable and high performance digital TV set-top box. HM-STB100L basic STB, motorola xoom dedicated to the needs in line with the DVB standard CATV network to carry out safety video and data broadcast service system and design. The product of independent research and development by the HM1521 chip; lower cost, better performance, more delicate appearance, and a variety of hardware configuration for the operator to select.

Basic STB

HM-STB100L set-top box adopts has completely independent intellectual property rights of the HM1521 chip solutions. The spirit of the operator's needs, in the continuous improvement of their performance at the same time, reduce the cost of the set top box.


Google Tablet

Perfect Google Tablet PC brand

A generally regarded the perfect Google Tablet PC brands into the line of sight of people, known as the United States OYOpad tablet ( OYOpad tablet computer official website: www.oyopad.com ). It appears on the market, quickly topped various types of flat-panel computer rankings head top position,acer tablet is connected to obtain various types of professional computer, called the cheapest tablet PC. Then, the OYOpad tablet for what it's worth, the industry so affirmative evaluation.

As one dug unexpectedly, the author comes to a famous computer evaluation mechanism. Evaluation personnel tell us the United States of America OYOpad tablet also support panel computer online ordering, and commitment Baotui three days, seven days Baohuan ( official responsible for the postage, not collection client. ). See here, I finally understand why OYOpad is called the cheapest tablet computer, 7 inch OYOpad tablet official Tablet PC price is only 1080 yuan, compared to a famous brand, the price advantage is very clear.


drawing function

Double touch panel PC definition double touch panel PC is that, while supporting the" capacitor screen finger touch and the electromagnetic pen touch" Tablet PC. In simple terms, the IPAD only supports the capacitance of the finger touch, but does not support the electromagnetic pen touch, can not achieve the original handwriting input, so the business performance is relatively insufficient. The electromagnetic pen touch mainly solves the original handwriting writing.

Double touch panel PC products

Now in the global market, double touch panel PC does not see more, the main reason lies in its process and technical difficulty is relatively high.

KUPA X11 is the world's first use of 1366 x768 resolution dual control screen tablet computers, can simultaneously support multiple sensitive finger touch and the electromagnetic pen accurate writing, on the keyboard for users with a more comfortable, natural, quick input method. Kupa X11 has front and rear camera, to facilitate your photos or video. If the user is tired of instant photos, then through Kupa unique original handwriting handwriting and drawing function, make the picture more vivid.

KUPA X11 uses the X86 architecture, low power processors intel inside, the performance of the chip is Tegra 2 processor 3 times, and equipped with Windows 7 operating system, can meet the daily needs of business users. KUPA X11 Intel Atom Z670 elite version is equipped with a processor, frequency of 1.5GHz,netbook tablet 2GB memory, 128GB SSD large capacity solid state disk, in addition, cool running X11 tablet also has built-in support for 802.11b / G wireless protocol of wireless LAN and Bluetooth V2.1 module, the other can be customized according to demand of different network module version, support for mobile 3G ( TD-SCDMA ), 3G ( CDMA2000 ) telecommunications Unicom 3G ( WCDMA ).

Sliding cover type tablet PC

The sliding cover plate of the benefits of the computer is with a full keyboard, while saving the volume, convenient to carry. Together with the straight plate like the computer, the sliding cover can be flipped out. Its significant advantage is convenient, in addition to the touch input, but also as a notebook as keyboard input, input speed is fast, especially for the stock market, the net silver, enter the account number and password.

Pure flat computer

The host computer and digital LCD screen are integrated together, the handwriting input as the main input mode, they are more emphasized on the move to use, but also at any time through the USB port, an infrared interface or other port external keyboard / mouse ( some manufacturers tablet products will be the external keyboard / mouse.


material enjoyment

Security is the possible physical or psychological risk or risk premonition, and individual in response to the work of powerful / powerlessness, main show is determined and controlled.

Detailed explanation

First of all, security is a feeling, a kind of psychology; from one side of the gives the other party feeling; is a people can be assured, can be comfortable. Can rely on, can believe in areas such as performance of the speech and deportment.

Second, whether can have a sense of security, from many factors, there are subjective and objective. Here we mainly talk about the subjective aspect. Let them have a sense of security, the first thing to do is to let them believe that he. Let them believe this is not an easy thing, you must be in speech and deportment aspects can be reflected, for example: you should do what you say, say to get to do, to do so don't promise; often give TA say, talk about your ideas, often greeting and care about TA life; no matter how busy don't ignore TA, often give TA some surprises; stop on its TA (heterosexual ) too good, speech and action are the same; willing to TA get rid of your bad habits...

Third, physical security. If you want to really make TA assured, you must also be specific substances on the sense of security, that is to say you must let TA feel, life is required, do not worry, not to worry about money, this is a very important factor.

Home can be said to be the most secure place.

The woman need a sense of security, men also need a sense of security.

Security is mainly embodied in two aspects:

1 spirit level:

When a man in affection respect from the other side of the body do not get enough of a sense of security, Ta will pursue the physical aspects of the sense of security, to resist mental / emotional security flaw.

The 2 material level:

When a man is the pursuit of material enjoyment of the time, Hong Kong safety surface then the Ta material requirements are not fully met, a sense of security in Ta relative decline, then through in the spirit of the pursuit of new replacement, to meet the Ta on the physical aspects of insecure.

Emotional and physical sense of security is very difficult to make a person at the same time, through marriage in such a way as to enhance the sense of safety, is the most happy way.



Jin Sha chocolate comes from the Belgian chocolate brand, she used the Belgian fine chocolates, there are whole hazelnut, wafer and chocolate fudge. Its taste is strong, pure smooth, creamy times to. Taste of Jin Sha chocolate, as in the taste of old wine, you can catch her noble quality, each one will bring you great enjoyment. Every Jin Sha chocolate with aluminum foil packaging, put in the transparent box Yongronghuagui more, Thatcher out of the ordinary, you have or gift relatives and friends the best choice.

Chocolate is made from cocoa butter, cocoa mass and crystallization of sucrose as the basic composition of added milk solids or flavor, has a unique color, aroma, taste and fine texture, exquisite and durable preserved sweet solid food.

Chocolate classification

( a ) pure chocolate

Chocolate variety, its classification according to the composition of raw materials and processing technology, can be divided into pure chocolate and chocolate products two major categories, these two categories can be divided into several types and varieties. Pure chocolate in any one section, is the basic component of a uniform, but also is the production of chocolate products raw materials.

Pure chocolate according to the formula of raw material source and nature of the different, can be divided into two categories, namely, natural cocoa butter chocolate and cocoa butter chocolate. Natural cocoa butter chocolate raw materials used in oil, extracted from cocoa beans, and cocoa butter chocolate raw materials used in grease, a part or most is made from vegetable oil hydrogenation and fractionation is formed and cocoa butter,Valentine's Day these two kinds of chocolate according to the different raw material composition and production process, they can be divided into three different varieties: the natural cocoa butter vanilla chocolate and cocoa butter vanilla chocolate; natural cocoa butter cream chocolate and cocoa butter cream chocolate; natural cocoa butter characteristics of pure chocolate and cocoa butter features chocolate. The three basic characteristics of chocolate:

1 vanilla chocolate

Vanilla and chocolate are surface forms a brown black or brown, and apparently bitter chocolate. Because the fragrance single chocolate has obvious cocoa aroma and bitterness, and with some refreshing feeling brain function, therefore, it is not to the age of the majority of consumer preference. Vanilla chocolate is cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, vanillin and surface active agent as raw materials.

2 chocolate cream

Milk chocolate with brown or light brown color, with cocoa butter and milk flavor. Chocolate cream rich nutrition comprehensive, high calorific value, so it is popular in all ages of consumers, especially the young consumers. Cream chocolate is cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa butter, milk and dairy products, sugar, spices and surface active agent as raw materials.

3 characteristics of chocolate

Characteristics of chocolate is the two chocolate based on formula and technology, modification treatment, made special flavor buckle properties of pure chocolate; such as the white chocolate, coffee and chocolate, chocolate and other varieties of tea. Can also be used for flavoring technology, made of orange, strawberry, ignorant both fruit, and chocolate cream flavor characteristics of pure chocolate. Because of the characteristics of chocolate has the color, flavor rich and colorful the holding point, therefore, it is loved by the people.


Warring States

China wood products and art can be traced back to the primitive society period, then there is a lot of embryo in its arts and crafts. To the Warring States period, wooden craft has used by Shang Dynasty pottery technology of simple etched and engraved plate incised, to the development of three-dimensional sculpture technique. The animal carvings with the whole wood carving, wood carving art of the Chinese to a peak.Hong Kong water slide Tang and Song Dynasties, wood carving craft is perfect with each passing day. The Ming and Qing Dynasties woodcarving is a Chinese classical wood carving art mature age, work is very rich, in addition to animals, there are characters.
Wood products is the favorite, the collections of the art category, in the history of Chinese art occupies an important seat. It has many types, classification methods are not unified, in the wood of every hue, fully demonstrated contains by environmental protection material and technology to create three-dimensional beauty and skill skillful. According to experts, wood carving wood carving process and can be divided into two categories: wood carving art.
And wood carving process can be divided into ornamental and practical two. Ornamental refers to display, display in the table, a few, case, frame for people to watch the works of art. It is the use of three-dimensional sculpture technology carved, such as birds and animals, flower, marine biology, twelve zodiac; utility refers to the use of decorative wood carving process, practical combination of art and works of art,HK plastic wood
such as lanterns, frame, penholder, pen holder, jewelry boxes, piggy and furniture carving.
Wood carving art usually refers to the ingenious conception, connotation profundity, can reflect the author's aesthetic and art works, fully embodies the art of wood carving of the interest and environmental protection material beauty. Art wood carving sculptor have clever hands and good sense of products, but also the decoration, decoration, beautification environment, edify the sentiment of art, have a high ornamental value and collection value. For example, our common root.
The sculpture in the round is a virtual animal sculptures, also known as three-dimensional carving, much azimuth, much angle can appreciate the three-dimensional sculpture, sculpture art in the carving of the overall performance, the viewer can see from different angles of objects from each side, around the sculpture.
Cameo: is carving out roughness of the image of a sculpture,Hong Kong safety surface is a sculpture in the round between painting and art forms.
Root, is the roots (including burl, bamboo root) the natural form and distortion form as art objects, through the idea of conception art processing and processing technology to create characters, animals, artifacts and art images do. The root carving art is found in natural beauty and show the creative process of the plastic arts, the so-called" three manual, seven day."


special package

The Swedish Krusell company as famous mobile phone sets of manufacturers, each month through the mobile phone sleeve order number to find the world's best 10 mobile phone. In spite of this statistical approach has certain one-sided sex, but because of its mobile phone sets sold worldwide in 6 continents over 70 countries, so to a certain extent, can reflect a current that mobile phone is hot condition. Next, let us through the Krusell of the newly released 2012 January the global top 10 best-selling mobile phone list, have a look in the past month, which is the mobile phone in the world by people's pursuit of it.

Tenth: Sony Xperia S LT26i

Yes, you did not misread, ranking tenth is also not listed on the Sony Xperia S. Appear such situation is mainly because the Krusell selling mobile phone mobile phone sets ranking based on order, so in the Sony Xperia S predetermined quantity very considerable circumstances, successfully nominated TOP10 and not surprising. As Sony's second dual-core intelligent mobile phone, the Xperia S in the configuration to the current industry top level. Loaded with 4.3 inches of high-definition 720p touch screen, and the introduction of Sony's BRAVIA engine technology, enhance the picture edge sharpness and enhancing the contrast, can achieve one hundred percent NTFC color reproduction.

Ninth: HTC Sensation G14

As HTC first dual-core intelligent mobile phone, HTC Sensation since its inception has been has a high popularity and good market performance. The machine is equipped with a 4.3 inch qHD resolution SLCD touch screen, and used the Gorilla Glass scratch-resistant glass as a protective layer and with the latest version of HTC Sense 3 interface than in the past, adding more functionality,samsung galaxy tab 8.9 can bring more cool operation experience.

HTC is also the flagship smart joined 1.2GHz frequency high MSM8260 dual-core processor, an integrated Adreno 220 graphics processor chip, support 1080P HD video codec, and provides the latest development of the HTC Watch function, can be brought online video on demand function. Apart from carrying Gingerbread Android2.3 system and provides the 768MB RAM and 1GB ROM capacity, this machine also supports Bluetooth 3 technology, GPS navigation, 3.5 mm headphone jack, as well as the Wi-Fi connection and memory card expansion and other functions.

Eighth: Sony Ericsson Xperia ray ST18i

Sony Ericsson Xperia ray greatest characteristics is a compact shape and good function, the thickness of only 9.4 mm, weight only 100 grams, looks stylish and sophisticated. But this machine is in the light of the volume combines the good software and hardware configuration, with the new Android 2.3 operating system, and a built-in 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 processor, can lead to smooth the control experience.

Seventh: Nokia 3720c

To lower prices of market of the Nokia 3720 can maintain the existing ranking is rare, especially compared to its function configuration, its performance and how much some people sit up and take notice. As the main features and attractions, Nokia 3720c provides the IP54 protection performance. Not only can prevent the splash of water in any direction to the infringement, but also have the protective function. At the same time the machine carefully designed casing and a special package battery for mobile phone in a collision with a good protection ability.

Sixth: Nokia C2-01

Hope spent much money to start a 3G mobile phone, the Nokia C2-01 would be very good choice. The low price of monoblock mobile phone although hardware configuration unimpressive, but various mainstream function or goods are available in all varieties. Equipped with a 2 inch QVGA resolution screen, and provides a full web browsing experience, can present webpage practical effect, combined with 3G network support, allowing the user to the mobile phone at any time to chat with friends or view news.

Fifth: the Samsung GALAXY Nexus

The Samsung GALAXY Nexus is currently the most popular one of the intelligent mobile phone, many people hope to have this with Android 4 system flagship smart.netbook tablet As the main characteristic, the Samsung GALAXY Nexus's equipped with a 4.65 inch 720p high-definition touch screen, support for resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Combined with the latest version of the operating system, the user can bring greater visual and touch control experience.

Third: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S LT18i

As the best-selling Xperia Arc ( LT15i ) upgrade version, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S ( LT18i ) though the appearance style changed little compared to the past, but in the functional configuration on the upgrade or make people look forward to. In order to obtain smoother control speed, the machine is equipped with 1.4GHz frequency Qualcomm MSM8255 processor, and Adreno has a 205 graphical processing chips, also offers such as 512MB RAM and 1GB ROM capacity.

Second: the Samsung i9100 GALAXY S II

The Samsung GALAXY S II not only has the world's most thin fuselage and dual-core processors and rise above the common herd characteristics, but also in the global market has exceeded ten million of sales, signifying its beautifully high popularity. The machine body of the thinnest part of only 8.49 mm, and loaded with 4.27 inch touch screen and use the Super AMOLED Plus screen material, not only in the pixel density will increase 50%, but will also increase the number of subpixels, show the effect of the ratio on the generation of more clearly, and contrast and reflective degrees will simultaneously upgrade.


Holiday greetings

In 1, Valentine's day has color, white over black. Black Valentine, color wishes for you. Red yellow green peace, happiness, health, blue harmony, wishes your valentine day to feel beautiful. 2, do not know the day and night, belle of handsome young man dreams catch; clouds do not understand Earth black, bright red blossoms and green willows flying butterfly; lovers don't understand today's black, black black hat black coffee -- single you my greetings, let fly, is a black day!
3, sometimes, it seems too little, hard to avoid lets person anxious. Sometimes, happiness is often late, doubted myself. In fact, love, is there, waiting for you to open. Black Valentine's day, also want to have a sweet heart.
4, because the mature, you miss the children's day; because the smart, you missed out on April Fool's day; because the independent, you missed the Valentine's day.netbook tablet It seems, only black day worthy of the cool you, happy holidays!
5, everywhere in the world are grass, why this find, original amount is not much, and competition is also many, until the next year's Valentine, fragrant grass everywhere as you choose, I wish you a happy Valentine's day, and free black!
In 6, today is a single day, all shopping will be the single free distribution of goods, receive mode: wear a black jacket, holding a toy gun to counter speak: Rob! I wish you a happy valentine day!
7, love is not always easy, it will rain. Black Valentine's day, wishing you. I wish you an early breakthrough experience wind and rain, sweet love, keep the beauty of love, life is always smooth.
In 8, does not receive the roses, I have hyacinth to you; do not receive the chocolate, I have a cookie bear to you; love speak sugared words, my laughing with you. Valentine's Day is black, the mood is a riot of colours!
9, drink a cup of black coffee, experience of single living alone; eat a bowl of black bean sauce noodles, I wish you an early end to the single, as soon as possible to find the other half of my life. In April 14th, I wish you a happy valentine day!
In 10, attached to your elegant beauty; love your natural charm; love you rise above the common herd; you elegant; you noble and proud, because of beautiful and self-love; black Valentine's day, wish you are happy and incomparable!
11, send your friendship drizzle, happy ocean, free sky, love vintage. Change is eternal is the support, trust, a warm blessing: 4 / 14 black Happy Valentine's Day!
12, 2.14 Valentine's day, you have not received the sweetest gift; 3.14 White Valentine's day, you can send chocolate; 4.14 black Valentine for you, cheer, courage bold chase, happy forever!
13, do not experience the night will not see the dawn, not lonely miss no happiness together, not alone for which to make happiness. 414 black Valentine's Day happiness, try to sprint!
14, love is not always easy, it will rain. Black Valentine's day, wishing you. I wish you an early breakthrough experience wind and rain, sweet love, keep the beauty of love, life is always smooth.
In 15, the dark night gives me black eyes, but I use it to look for you!


The Mandarin

Chinese, also known as the Chinese, Chinese, other name is Chinese, Mandarin, Chinese language, Chinese, Tang Wen, Chinese language, there are words, words, commonly known as the Chinese Tang dynasty. Chinese belongs to Sino-Tibetan language analysis language, tone. As the Chinese writing system, Chinese characters is a logogram, ideographic and also a certain amount of phonetic features. Written Chinese and spoken study mandarin contains two parts. Written in ancient Chinese referred to the writings in classical style, modern written Chinese language generally refers to modern standard chinese. Many modern Chinese dialects, some dialects of spoken and written language differences between larger, relatively uniform.

Chinese is a language, the main distribution of countries and regions are: Greater China ( mainland China, Hongkong SAR, Macao SAR, Taiwan area of the Republic of Singapore ( Singapore ) for the Chinese nation," another Chinese to build the country." ". Ninety percent Chinese ), Mongolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, the United States western states and Hawaii and other countries and regions. According to the UNESCO statistics would say that Chinese people have about 1600000000, occupy world population to use language first ( occupies world population using language 1/5 ), extensive use of ranks second in the world ( English extensive degree first, there are about 50000000 foreigners learn Chinese as a second language). Chinese is the United Nations recognized as official six one of the working languages.

A branch of the Chinese / Mandarin is nearly hundreds of years to form the basis of northern mandarin. It's speech in Beijing as the standard pronunciation, but is not identical to the Beijing dialect, is to abandon the Beijing speech of some dialectal forms. Chinese language in mainland China is called Putonghua, in Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, known as the Mandarin, in Singapore, Malaysia known as the Mandarin, but in a Mandarin has some differences. Academic place refers to the Han language collectively, sometimes refers to Mandarin, Mandarin Chinese, in addition, also call, Hu Pu refers to mandarin. There is no doubt, Chinese is the world's most widely used language in the world, there are about 1 / 5 of people use Chinese as daily communication language. But the ancient Chinese also had to its neighboring countries language had important influence. For example, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese has retained a large number of ancient Chinese Loanwords and the ancient Chinese system of writing text.